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bearing CKF-A 50150 seal in Myanmar

Motion Guidance Systems for precision linear motion applications. High load capacities. Short compact flanged CFK carriage available in a range of sizes.

YDTechâ„¢ manufacturer of wedge type overrunning clutches(CKZ-A,CKZ-B,CKZ-C,CKZ-D,CKZ-F! supplier of one way backstop bearings(CKA,CKB,CKC,CKD

Modular bearing housing design, integrated or exchangeable. 8 or 16 Model, CFK-65, CFK-90, CFK-140, CFK-200, CFK-300, CFK-360, CFK-390, CFK-500.

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CKF-A series, noncontact wedge clutches, CKF-A2090, CKF-A2595, wedge types of one way overrunning backstop clutches with sliding bearing support

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