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bearings KK30-2GD-1K wholesale in Germany

Bearing (6200s) with a built-in cam clutch. Standard Structure - BB Series 2GD 1K-K Type (Rubber Contact Seals on Both Sides, Inner Race with Keyway).

Part Number, Dimention(mm). d, D, L. KK15-2GD, 15, 35, 16. KK17-2GD, 17, 40, 17. KK20-2GD, 20, 47, 19. KK25-2GD, 25, 52, 20. KK30-2GD, 30, 62, 21. KK35-

KK30/KK30-2GD. 30. +0.028 For press fit types (KK, KK-1K, KK-2GD, KK-2GD1K); Press outer race application of Loctite Bearing Mount is recommended.

China One Way Ball Bearing Freewheel Clutch Bb25-2gd/Bb25-2k-2k, Find details about BB-1K-K and BB-2GD 1K-K series have a keyway on the inner race.

Morse KK30-2GD 1K KK CLUTCH-900. BRAND: Browning EPT MODEL: KK30-2GD 1K CONDITION: NEW WEIGHT: 0.6100 UOM: EA. $220.17 each.

The KK clutch consists of a standard metric ball bearing combined bearing. The clutches are entirely self-contained, and do not require . KK 30-2GD 1K.

MDEU Series Clutches do not require any bearing support due to a cam/ .. Bearing Loads. Approx. Mass g/pc. BB. BB-1K-K. BB-2K-K. BB-2GD. BB-2GD. 1K-K.

General information of Installation and usage for Bearing type Cam Clutch. 1. BB-1K and BB-2GD 1K series have a keyway on the inner race. Keyways, except