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14 Oct 2014 The skeleton is the main weight-bearing structure in humans. .. Donahue SW, Sharkey NA, Modanlou KA, Sequeira LN, Martin RB (2000) Bone strain and Wang L, Shao J, Ye T, Deng L, Qiu S (2012) Three-dimensional morphology of Bone 29: 271 278. doi: 10.1016/s8756-3282(01)00575-0.

25 Aug 2012 A saturation IRM (SIRM) was imparted in a 2.5 T inducing field and an IRM was induced with a back field of 0.3 T along one sample axis.

25 Aug 2012 samples at 5 K in a 2.5 T field, and measurements were made while the .. Froelich, P. N., G. P. Klinkhammer, M. L. Bender, N. A.. Luedtke, G. R. . erties of eastern Mediterranean sapropel-bearing sediments,. Palaeogeogr. . Lett., 194, 359 368, doi:10.1016/S0012-821X(01)00575-1. Snowball, I., and M.

n. Tab les. Reali-Slim Bearings Catalog 300 Kaydon Bearings turntable bearings, for such demanding applications as robotics, T = 4-point contact radial.

15 Sep 2011 averaged denudation rate of roughly 140 t km. −2 yr. −1. [Wilkinson .. ering of Ti‐bearing minerals) or exogenous dust influxes or a Balco, G., J. O. Stone, N. A. Lifton, and T. J. Dunai (2008), A complete . (01)00575-0.

27 Jul 2016 This rapid effect on weight-bearing bones is also observed in astronauts who can lose up to 2001;29(3):271 8. pmid:11557372 doi: 10.1016/s8756-3282(01)00575-0 Miao D, He B, Jiang Y, Kobayashi T, Soroc xE, et al. Pathan M, Keerthikumar S, Ang CS, Gangoda L, Quek CY, Williamson NA, et al.