10 Animated Films You Should Watch

As you'll know I am a huge fan of animated films, especially Japanese animated films. But I do love animation from outside Japan as well, so today I am gong to be sharing with you 10 animated films that you should watch. 

Anime films, Disney, and Pixar films have all been excluded but if you want to read my Studio Ghibli films you should watch post you can find that here and you can find my Non-Ghibli Anime film post here. I've picked films that I think have gorgeous animation, important stories, or that just great fun to watch. They are in no particular order so without further ado, let's get to it.

Avril et le Monde truqué (April and the Extraordinary World) 2015

French animation is often overlooked and it is such a shame as France has produced some beautiful, weird, wonderful animated films. One of these films is April and the Extraordinary World. Set in 1941 in a world where scientific advancement has been slowed and the reliance on coal has polluted the air. The story follows April, who lost her parents when she was young and sets out on a journey to find them. 

Kubo and the Two Strings 2016 

Kubo did get a bit of backlash for having a predominately white cast and as the film is set in Japan and uses lots of Japanese mythology I do wish they had used more Japanese actors. However, the film is beautiful to watch, with a really interesting story. Kubo must find items belonging to his late father in order to stop his vengeful Grandfather. The story looks into the idea of family and family bonds and it's really touching to watch.

Yellow Submarine 1968 

This films is so strange and psychedelic and it's what makes Yellow Submarine so enjoyable. The film features the music of The Beatles and The Beatles themselves (well, sort of, it's not actually their voices) are the main cast. When the land of Pepperland is attacked by the Blue Meanies (see, I told you it was weird) Captain Fred must find help and he does, in the form of: John, Paul, George and Ringo. 

The Prince of Egypt 1998

This is, in my opinion, Dreamworks' best film but it goes criminally underrated. Based on the story of Moses from the Old Testament where Moses is tasked from God to save the Hebrews from their slavery from the Egyptians. While the film is based on a religious story you don't have to believe in the story to enjoy it, the characters are interesting, the music is fantastic, and the art and animation are incredible. 

Coraline 2009  

Based on the amazing book by Neil Gaiman, the story follows Coraline who feels ignored and neglected after she moves to a new house with her parents who are both too busy with work to pay attention to her. Coraline then discovers a small door that leads to another world ruled by The Other Mother almost identical to her own but everything appears to be better. But of course not everything is as perfect as it seems and the sinister nature of this world and The Other Mother becomes clear. The stop animation of this film is so beautiful and really captures the creepiness of the story. 

Spider-man: Into The Spider-Verse 2018 

Another Spider-Man film? Really? I'm sure that's what many people thought when they heard about this film and I have to admit I wasn't too interested but then I saw the trailer and thought I'd see the film and the cinema. I was completely blow away when I did, the animation style was so unique it made the film incredible to look at. But they also managed to tell a Spider-Man story that breathed new life into it. The film is about Miles Morales and how he becomes Spider-Man when one of the Kingpin's plans throws Spider-Men? People? from different dimensions together. 

The Isle of Dogs 2018 

When all dogs are quarantined to an island due to an epidemic, a young boy Atari goes to the Island in search of his dog Spots. The film is directed by Wes Anderson who uses stop- motion animation to tell a beautiful, rich story that is wonderful to look at. The characters are funny and interesting and the story is engaging and heartwarming. 

The Breadwinner 2017 

Set in Kabul, Afghanistan where women are forbidden from leaving the house without a male escort. A young girl named Parvana must disguise herself as a boy to make money and buy food for her family after her father is arrested. The film is so intense and every minute you are panicking for Paravana and her family's safety. The film shows how hard life can be and makes you think about the situations of others but where the film shines the brightest is where it highlights that the people living in this terrible situations are just that, people. People with hopes and dreams, people who are just trying to live their lives and survive in extreme circumstances. 

Song Of The Sea 2014 
After the loss of his mother, Ben blames his mute sister and when his father sends them both away from their lighthouse home to live with their grandmother Ben only resents her more. Until her learns a secret, that his sister is actually part Selkie who must use her power to free the faeries from the spell of  the goddess Macha. The film is set in Ireland and has a tonne of Irish/ Celtic mythology and lore in it, which I've always been fascinated by so it's wonderful to find an animated film that focuses on Irish myth. 

Anastasia 1997

Despite loads of people loving this film and having it as part of their childhood I still don't think it gets the appreciation it deserves. It's as good as (and in my, probably controversial, opinion better) than most of the Disney Princess films and the soundtrack is just so, so good. The story is set in Russia after the 1917 revolution and the Tsar and his family have been killed all apart from the lost princess Anastasia. The film follows Anya, who unknown to her is the lost princess but can't remember (thanks to her amnesia), as she tries to find her lost family. Yes,the film makes some questionable choices regarding how the portrayed the Russian revolution and is wholly inaccurate historically. But the story, songs, characters, and animation more than make up for that.

So there are the 10 animated films that I would recommend watching that aren't anime, Disney, or Pixar. I hope you found a film on this list that you're interested in!

Do you like any of these films? What animated films would you recommend? 

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