I've Started A Podcast and a Youtube Channel!!

I hope everyone's 2020 is going great so far! This year I wanted to do more things that I've always wanted to do but I've been too scared to do. The first thing was starting a podcast, I've wanted to start a podcast for years now but have always been too anxious but I've finally done it! 

My podcast shares it's name with my blog "In Ella's Element" and I'll be discussing everything that I am interested but with a focus on Witchcraft, Magick, Spirituality, and Japanese culture. I'm aiming to do one episode a week but as I'm just starting out I'm not going to promise anything and just see how it goes.

You can listen to my podcast on: Soundcloud, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts, I've also opened a Ko-fi page for anyone who may wish to support my podcast and my blog, there's no pressure only support if you want/are able to! 

I've also started a Youtube channel where I will be uploading my podcast episodes as well as (hopefully) some journal and witchcraft related videos in the future so please subscribe! 

I hope you all enjoy my podcast and Youtube channel, I will still be writing this blog too as well as running my etsy shop so this year is definitely going to be a busy one! 

If you have a podcast, leave me a comment and I'd love to give it a listen!  

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