What I Got For Midwinter

I hope you all have had a lovely festive period and that you are looking forward to a bright 2020! I have always loved hearing about and seeing what people got for Christmas as I think it's nice to see people being appreciative of the time and effort that others put into their gifts. So today I'm sharing with you the gifts I received this Midwinter (if you've read my blog before you'll know my family and I celebrate the Winter Solstice not Christmas). I've included links where I can but as these were gifts I don't know where some of them came from. 

Witchy Gifts 

I received some beautiful witchcraft related gifts this year and I love them all so much. My fiance Dan bought me this beautiful raw Selenite Wand and my parents bought me these gorgeous red candles that are scented with Sandalwood (one of my favourite essential oils). My parents also bought me the Cursed Auguries Tarot Deck that I've been lusting after for a few months now, I instantly connected with this deck and the artwork is absolutely beautiful. 

My Mum and Dad also got me this amazing sheep's skull as I've always wanted one, they've told me that it was ethically sourced so no need to worry! Dan also got me a Queen of Swords t-shirt by an artist I've admired for ages Micha Ulrich, I love the art on the front of it and the shirt is really comfy to wear. 


I am forever stealing Dan's Kindle so this year he thought he would buy me one of my own, he also downloaded loads of books onto it including all of the books by Tove Jansson. Dan also bought me this cute little Coraline (one of my favourite books and films) notebook as I'm always getting little ideas so now I have something to write them down in. I used up all the paper in my sketchbook a while ago so I didn't have anything to draw in so my parents bought me this big black one. 


Dan knows I love a good bath so he bought me this Matcha Bath Ball from Miss Patisserie, he also bought me another called Storm but I got impatient and used it a few days ago (it was lovely). I tend to get very stressed thanks to my anxiety so I like to have something to fiddle with when I get anxious so my parents bought me this stress ball in the shape of cat, I've named him Basil.

One of my best friends bought me these patches and I love them all, the raccoon is so cute! Dan knows how much I love the Lord of the Rings films so he treated me to this Nazgul Pop Figure. 

My parents also bought me this little door knocker which they attached to my door when I wasn't around I think it's so random and cute and I honestly love it!

I also got a LOAD of sweets and chocolate and I'm surprised I haven't turned into a huge ball of chocolate myself. I am so grateful for all my gifts this year, they are all so wonderful and perfect and I know just how lucky I am. 

What was your favourite gift I got? What did you get this Midwinter/Christmas? 

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