My Favourite A Christmas Carol Film Adaptations

A Christmas Carol is one of, if not my favourite, books of all time. I read it every year around Midwinter or when I was younger had it read to me, it's been a part of my life as long as I can remember and it truly means the world to me. As I love the book so much I try and watch as many adaptations of it as I can and I always get excited when I hear another adaption is being made. I'm currently waiting for the BBC one that is meant to come out soon, fingers crossed it's good! 

In this post I am going to be sharing with you my favourite film adaptions of A Christmas Carol, based on how well they adapt the book or just on how enjoyable they are. 

A Christmas Carol 1910 
This is a 10 minute silent film version that is over 100 years old! It's incredible to watch as it's one of the earliest film adaptations of the book. As it's only 10 minutes long a lot has to be left out however it makes it clear of what is happening and manages to show Scrooge's transformation wordlessly which is amazing. If you want to watch the film you can find it here on YouTube

Scrooge 1935 
This is the first full length feature of A Christmas Carol with sound. It is really interesting to watch as they manage to create a dark and mysterious atmosphere but do not show any of the Spirits (apart from the Ghost of Christmas Present). It means that the film relies a lot on the actor playing Scrooge, Seymour Hicks, who does a great job.  This film is also on YouTube so if you want to watch it you can find it here.

The Muppets Christmas Carol 1992
You probably would think that a Muppet version of A Christmas Carol would not be able to make a moving film or do the book justice. Well think again, The Muppet Christmas Carol is such a heartwarming film that shares the important message of love and kindness to others while being able to be funny and engaging at the same time. Yes, it doesn't really show how awful poverty is as the book does but it is meant to be targeted at younger audiences so I doubt anyone expected it to. Michael Caine makes an amazing Scrooge, the songs are great, and whoever decided to make Statler and Waldorf the Marley Brothers is a genius. 

Scrooge/A Christmas Carol 1951 
Absolutely no disrespect to anyone who played Scrooge before or who may play him in the future but Alastair Sim IS Scrooge, in my opinion no one has ever played the character so well. He shows true depth to the character and makes the audience both loathe and yet sympathise with Scrooge and rejoice at his transformation. Also his laugh is to die for! The other actors play their roles amazingly, I love Mervyn Johns as Bob Cratchit, he shows the kind nature and humbleness of Cratchit so well. The film is one of the closest adaptions to the book (although there is some additional material) and it manages to portray the messages not only of kindness and love but also the horrors of poverty that are so fundamental to the book. You can also find this film on YouTube here

A Christmas Carol 1971 
This is a 25 minute long animated version A Christmas Carol that stars most of the same cast from the 1951 film and all of them are as good as they were 20 years before. Of all the adaptions I have seen this one by far is the best at capturing the terrifying atmosphere of when Marley comes to Scrooge, (it used to scare me rigid when I was young). People tend to forget that A Christmas Carol isn't some cutesy book about a mean old man becoming nice, it is a ghost story as well as grim reminder of how much the poor suffer. This film captures that bleak atmosphere perfectly. The art style is also beautiful, it feels like a picture come to life before your eyes. If you want to watch it you can find it YouTube (bless you, YouTube) here .   

So there are my favourite adaptations of A Christmas Carol, if you have any recommendations of versions that you enjoy I'd love to hear them! 

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