Midwinter Activity Ideas

The holidays are a great time to relax and spend time with family and friends but sometimes it can be a bit monotonous. Maybe this is why so many arguments happen around the festive period. Today I'm sharing with you some ideas for activities that you can do over the holidays to break out of a routine and avoid confrontation. 

Take A Winter Walk 
This may seem obvious but when you have a lot of people in a room together things can get on top of each other and arguments can break out. So to avoid that why not wrap up and head out for a breath of fresh air and have some fun in the snow? (OK it doesn't often snow where I am but I can dream, right?)

Watch A Christmas Film 
This is obvious but hear me out. Instead of bickering about which film to watch why not put everyone's choice in a hat and pick at random? Or find a film that is completely different from what you would usually watch? Why not a black and white film? Or foreign film? Or a silent film? 

Have A Cocktail Night 
Why not get your friends all together and everyone takes it in turns to make the rest of the group a cocktail? You can throw in other activities in the process and make a huge festive party out of it. 

Volunteer At A Homeless Shelter
You could always give some of your time to those in need and volunteer at a homeless shelter. It would help someone and make the holidays just that much better for them. 

Read A Book All Together 
Dan and I have a tradition of each reading a stave of A Christmas Carol to each other each night in the run up to Midwinter. You could do this with your partner, or you could read a book (and have them read it to you) by the fire. 

So there are just a few ideas for some activities you could spend some time this festive period. Did you like any of these ideas? What are some of your Midwinter activities?

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