Little Ways To Be More Eco-Friendly This Christmas

Midwinter/Christmas is a time for friends, family, and happiness but it does come with a lot of excess which cannot be good for our planet. I am going to share with you some little ways you can be more eco-friendly this Midwinter/ Christmas. This post is in no way meant to be preachy and there are many ways I could improve so if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them!  

Buy Intangible Gifts 
While it's lovely to have something to open on Christmas, getting a presents that are intangible can be just as lovely. Why not buy your mum tickets to see her favourite band? Or your partner a year pass to their favourite wildlife park? These type of gifts will be loved just as much as any physical gift and this way you've not only given a loved one a present but also a lot of memories.  

Use Recyclable Wrapping Paper 
If there are no intangible gifts that suit you or you just really love seeing your loved ones open up gifts then why not wrap them in recyclable paper? I personally love wrapping my gifts in brown paper as it's not only recyclable but looks so pretty and really gives the gifts a old fashioned feel which I love.

Use Nature To Decorate Your Home
Instead of tinsel, plastic decorations, etc. Why not head into your local woods and take cuttings of holly and ivy and use them to decorate your home? As someone who has had this tradition in their house since before they were born I can tell you that it looks absolutely beautiful. As long as you don't take too much from one area and cut it respectfully it won't damage the plant. You could also use pine cones and decorate them or just have them as they are. I appreciation this may not be an option for everyone but it's definitely one to consider if you are able.

Ditch The Crackers Or Opt For Eco Friendly Ones
As someone who loves the tradition of crackers it pains me to say it but are they really necessary? So much plastic comes from them which will probably end up in the sea. However, if you can't do without them there are more eco friendly options for Christmas crackers. I found these ones from a company called Nancy and Bettie Studio which have no plastic, are recyclable and use vegetable based inks. The only downside is that these crackers are more expensive than ones you would buy in the supermarket.  

So there are some little ways you can try and have a more eco-friendly Christmas this year. I'd love to hear any suggestions you may have so please let me know! 

This is not a sponsored post.

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