My Favourite (Non Ghibli) Anime Films

As anyone who has been in my presence for longer than 10 minutes will know I am a huge anime fan and a massive part of that love goes to the films of Studio Ghibli. But sometimes my love of Ghibli means that I neglect the other incredible films in the world of anime. So today I am going to be sharing with you 5 anime films that adore that aren't by Studio Ghibli (please forgive me Hayao Miyazaki, I still love you). 

Akira 1988
OK. This is an obvious one so I'll talk about it first. I'm sure even if you aren't in to anime, you will probably have heard of this film. Akira is set in a post-apocalyptic (which is a genre I can't get enough of) Tokyo called Neo Tokyo where bike gangs roam and there is civil unrest with violent protest and riots. The film follows Kaneda, the leader of one of the bike gang whose childhood friend Tetsuo gains telekinetic and psychic powers which he begins to abuse but which also begin to destroy him, and Kaneda must stop him. Akira was a groundbreaking film that really showed people the potential of anime. 

Modest Heroes 2018
I know this is a little bit of a cheat as it's a collection of short films but I'm including it anyway. Modest Heroes contains three short films: Kanini and Kanino (which is my personal favourite of the three), Life Ain't Gonna Lose, and Invisible. Each film is a unique story with it's own art and animation style. Modest Heroes was created by Studio Ponoc, many of who used to be part of Studio Ghibli. Studio Ponoc are the people who created Mary and the Witch's Flower which is another lovely anime film.

The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl 2018
This is such a bizarre film but it's one of the reasons why it is so good. The art style is very different to your "typical" anime but it still looks gorgeous. The film follows an unnamed woman on a night out with an aim of drinking as much as she can. The film also follows an unnamed man who is romantically interested in the woman and his attempts to meet her while making it seem unintentional. The film is so much more than that and has so many strange twists and turns and it feels similar to French film.   

Perfect Blue 1997 
Be warned this is not a pleasant film and there are many things in it which could be potentially upsetting so please be careful if you are going to watch it. Perfect Blue is a psychological thriller which follows a woman, Mimi who quits being a singer in an idol group to pursue a career as an actress. Mimi starts to lose her grip on what is real and what isn't as she becomes a victim of stalking. 

A Silent Voice 2016 
Based on the manga by the Yoshitoki Oima, the films centres around Shoya Ishida who attempts to reconcile with the deaf girl who he tormented when they were children. The film is beautiful and shows how people aren't perfect but that people can try their best to be better. 

So there are 5 non Studio Ghibli anime films that I love and I think you will love them too. Do you like any of these films? What are some of your anime films? 

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