Midwinter Gift Ideas From Small Businesses

Midwinter or Christmas is only a few weeks away so today I thought I would share with you some small businesses that I love and think would be great to buy gifts for yourself or your loved ones. I've tried to keep the shops to ones that sell items for under £20 so if you are looking for "smaller" gifts like stocking fillers or secret santa gifts these would be ideal.

Buying from small businesses is such kind thing to do, you are helping someone pay their bills, their food, it keeps them motivated and able to carry on doing what they love to do. You also get a product that has had so much time, effort, love and care put into it, so it's a win win situation. I did a similar post last year so if you want to check that out you can find it here. All the photos belong to their respective shops.

Witchcraft Supplies by wiccatreeCrafts 
OK, I'm going to plug my own Etsy shop here because I love my products and know just how much work goes into them. I sell ethical Witchcraft Supplies like: Candles, Blams, Art Prints, Herbal Charm Bags, and Cleansing Sticks. All my products are vegan and cruelty-free, they are perfect for witches or just those who are interested in magick. 

An Enamel Pin by magicalmaidens
I adore magicalmaidens pins and I have bought one as a gift for Dan (he's not allowed to read this post). Each pin is a Ditto from Pokemon that has taken the form of other Pokemon, anime characters, cartoon characters, and so many others. They are all unbelievably cute and the delivery is really fast, I want so many of them for myself I think I will have to keep dropping hints to everyone. 

Witchcraft Supplies by SonOfaWitchCreations
Emma is a lovely lady and her products are so wonderful. She sells candles (which smell incredible) and wearable witchcraft. Her products would make wonderful gifts for any witch in your life or anyone who loves candles. So much effort and magick goes into each of her products, I can't recommend them enough. 

Crystals from SurLaLuneCrystals 
Any crystal lovers will love this Etsy shop, there are so many different types of crystals to choose from as well as other products such as wreaths and plant hangers. These crystals would make perfect gifts for any witch or crystal fan. 

Stickers from GlitterPunkJewellery 
The stickers from this shop are so cute and would make perfect stocking fillers, my personal favourites are the cat ones, but all of them are beautiful . These stickers are perfect for stationery fans or fans of things that are just pretty. The shop also sells pins, greeting cards, and more so you are bound to find something you love. 

There are just a few suggestions for some small businesses that you could find some great Midwinter or Christmas gifts from. I really recommend buying from small businesses, you don't know just how much it means to the people behind them. especially around the holidays. 

Did you like any of these gift ideas? If you have any small business recommendations I'd love to hear them!  

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