Witch Casket Review

I've always wanted to try out a witchcraft/magickal subscription box but I've always worried that they wouldn't be worth the money. I came across Witch Casket first on Instagram and loved the way their boxes looked and what they contained but I was still too nervous to try. But after a few of my Instagram friends recommending them and watching some unboxing videos of previous caskets I decided to take the plunge and received my first Witch Casket. 

The subscription to this box costs £27 for the UK (shipping included), £33 for Europe and The Republic of Ireland and The Channel Islands, £35 (shipping included) for the rest of the world. 

Delivery and Packaging 
All boxes are sent out to their owners on the 15th of each month and mine arrived to me on morning of the 17th so the delivery was very quick. The casket came wrapped in a inconspicuous blue postage bag (which is biodegradable, so huge points to that) so if you live with people who you would rather hide or don't feel comfortable discussing your witchcraft with they won't know.

Each month's box centres around a different theme and this month's theme was connecting with nature. For me as a hedgewitch whose craft focusing mainly on plants and connecting with nature the theme for my first box was just too perfect. 

The box included an information card on top to explain all the products inside and explain the theme. The next item was this beautiful art print from Teacake Art. I love the artwork so much, it's gorgeous and looks very similar to my witchcraft space. Next up was this cute pin that I can't wait to put on my cork board with the rest of my pin collection. I then picked up this scroll which comes with ways to connect with nature. 

Every casket comes with a tea and I'm so happy as I got one of my favourite types of tea, Mint Green Tea. It smells beautiful and I am looking forward to having a cup soon. I then got this packet of dried mugwort, which is one of my favourite plants to work with. Up next was this black pouch as I have a load of pouches I don't know what I'll put in it but I'm sure I'll think of something. 

There was also this eco friendly bamboo pen. Then I picked out these incense sticks which smell great and are natural, non toxic and ozone friendly. 

Then I picked out this small tumbled Green Chert stone, which is a stone I don't know much about actually so I'm looking forward to using it and finding out more. Then there was this little notebook with information on some herbs with space to write in it yourself.

Then there was this Elemental Candle Kit  which contains a candle representing each of the elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit) that you can use on your altar or when casting a circle. The final item were these wooden amulets representing the elements which you can use on your altar or any time you want a representation of one or all the elements. 

One of the reasons why I was so cautious about getting a witchcraft/ magickal subscription box was the worry that the items were just going to be cheap tacky things with the word WITCH slapped across it. But a lot of the items in Witch Casket as well as having a "witchy aesthetic" had genuine purpose and could be used in someone's craft. The items are good quality and won't break in two seconds flat. There are some items I'm not too interested in like the pouch and in particular the scroll that is just filled with ways to connect with nature that are very obvious so it seemed a bit pointless. However the other items made up for that and my favourite items were probably the art print, the pin and the Little Book Of Plant Magick. I do think the box is worth the money as you get a lot in there and they would probably come to much more than the box. I really like that you get exclusive items as that makes the box feel much more special and unique. I really loved the theme of this box and it fits so well with my witchcraft. 

All in all I would recommend Witch Casket the items are interesting, pretty and useful and are perfect for both newer and older witches. 

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