Little Lush Haul

I haven't bought anything from Lush for a hot minute, not because I love them any less but because what little money I do have I've been putting into other things. But as I've suffered badly with my depression through the first half of February I decided to treat myself a little. I get asked about my love of Lush since I opened wiccatree, for those of you not in the know I run my own Etsy shop that sells Bath Magick products which you can check out here if you are interested (shameless, shameless  plug there Ella). But as I've said before wiccatree focuses on the intent behind the product and the ingredients in it to magickally benefit the user, making Lush and wiccatree are two very different things so I don't feel like I'm supporting the "competition" when I buy from Lush. Plus they are a great company as companies go. Anyway here is what I treated myself to this time. 

Love Boat Bath Bomb 
This is the only product I've tried before out of this haul, it's an exclusive Valentines Day bath bomb that was introduced last year and brought back for this year. It's a really pretty bomb that smells citrus-y and fruity. Both times I've tried this bomb it's capsized so fingers crossed that that doesn't happen this time. 

Aubergine Bath Bomb 
A phallic shaped bath bomb? Obviously I was going to buy it! This is another Valentines Day exclusive that Lush have introduced this year and I'm pleasantly surprised how much I like the scent. It's sweet and fruity but very fresh as well, so it's not overpowering, I'm excited to see what a dick, sorry aubergine, bath bomb looks like in the water. 

Peachy Bath Bomb
So this bath bomb smells like peaches, surprise, surprise and I'm not normally too keen on peach scents but it looks like a butt, so again, I was obviously going to buy it. Peachy is another Valentines Day exclusive that Lush have introduced this year. It is a very very strong peach scent that I'm finding a bit too much when I smell it but I'm hoping it might be less strong when it hits the water. 

Plum Rain 
Die hard Lush fans will probably be very shocked to hear that I've never tried Plum Rain before as it is a fan favourite. But I was looking for a new shower gel as Spring is on the way and I fancied a bit of a change so I bought a small bottled version to try out and then I'll move on to a bigger naked version if I like it. I would love to tell you that I didn't buy this mainly for the colour but I'd be lying, the gel is a gorgeous dark purple and I love me some purple. However, when this arrived and I smelt it I was really happy, it's a very fruity plum scent that I think will be great for Spring.

Yes, these products are mainly from the Valentines Day collection but I wanted to try them out. I'm excited to see if I like them all and treating myself to lots of baths!

I hope you enjoyed this post, have you treated yourself to some Lush products recently? What was your favourite product from my haul? 

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