Feel Good Anime

I love anime and have done since a young age, this statement is often met with one of two reactions. One, a complete disbelieve (because no one who identifies as a woman could possibly like anime), or two, a kind of disdain as liking anime must mean that I am sort of weird freak. 

A lot of people (particularly in the West) have a narrow minded opinion of anime, that it's cartoons for sad, lonely, perverted men and have no artistry to them. Although the tide does seem to be turning and more and more people are realising how wide the genres of anime are, how beautiful they can be and how much work and art goes into making them. 

As I said, the amount of genres of anime is as wide as it is for live action films. Today I'm going to be focusing on anime that I find feel good, the anime that help put a smile on my face when I'm not feeling my best. 

Sailor Moon 

Probably the most well known anime on this list so I thought I would talk about this one first. Sailor Moon is one of the anime that helped thrust the genre into prominence in the West. Based on the manga by Naoko Takeuchi, the anime follows the story of Usagi, who discovers she is the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon and has to protect the world from the Dark Kingdom. The anime follows Usagi as she goes through life looking for love, finding the other Sailor Scouts (Sailor Mars is Queen) and generally being a lovable dumb bitch. I'm specifically talking about the 90s anime (it had a reboot called Sailor Moon Crystal) the aesthetics are absolutely gorgeous, the themes of friendship and love are heartwarming and there's something so cathartic about someone shouting "Moon Prism Power, make up!!" and "Fire Soul" or "Supreme Thunder".

Usagi Drop

Dakichi is a bachelor with few cares until he attends his grandfather's funeral and meets the apparent illegitimate daughter of his grandfather, 6 year old Rin. Daikichi feels sorry for Rin so decides to take her in to his life and care for her. Daikichi is suddenly thrown into a world of responsibilities looking after a 6 year old who is also technically his aunt. The relationship between Daikichi and Rin is so lovely and really makes you appreciate family no matter how strange they may be. 

Ore Monogatari!!

Ah Ore Monogatari!! AKA a sweet sugary injection that makes you feel warm inside. Ore Monogatari!! broke the mould of romantic anime. The story features a hero that is not considered attractive and rather than following the main characters attempt to win the girl the anime follows the story of Takeo and Yamato and their relationship after they meet on a train and Takeo saves Yamato from a groper. The anime follows the pair as they go through life as a couple in their first relationships and it's wonderful. It's a gentle, funny, warming anime that always makes me feel so much better when I'm feeling down.

These are some of the anime that I consider feel good and really recommend if you are looking to watch something to cheer you up. 

Do you like anime? What anime do you consider feel good? 

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