Tips For Fledgling Witches

With so many people turning to witchcraft I thought I would share some tips with those just starting out on their path. I am in no way an expert but these are some of the things I have learnt from my experience.

Social media is a great thing but it can makes us compare our lives. If you follow a lot of witches on social media then you'll see a lot of how they practice, how they dress, how they live and it's easy to start thinking that's how it should be done. But it's not. Not because those witches are wrong, it is that there is no right or wrong way of practising witchcraft. Follow your own path and learn what it is right for you. You may get certain witches acting like they are authority on witchcraft and that their way is the only way, as hard as it can be just ignore this and carry on learning and growing and finding your own way.

You will get a lot of questions and a lot of misconceptions thrown at you. When a friend found out I was pagan, let alone a witch she said "oh. Those are the ones who sacrifice chickens aren't they?" You will get a lot of people asking you about orgies, devil worship and ritual sacrifice. You will always get a lot people (including some narrow minded witches, sadly) saying that your only reason for becoming a witch is to mimic shows like Sabrina or Charmed or that you just want a witch aesthetic or that you're "just doing it for the 'gram". You will have to put up with remarks like these but just remember you don't have to prove yourself or your path to anyone else no matter how seasoned a witch they may be.

You may very well be tempted to buy every cool looking tool under the sun but you don't need a load of tools especially when you are first starting. You also don't have to spend a lot of money, making do, to me, is a big part of being a witch. You can make many of your own tools yourself which makes the experience fun and a lot more personal. Why not grow your own herbs? Make your own wand? Make your own candles?

If you feel that you don't fit the "witch aesthetic" don't worry. You don't have to live in black, wear long dresses and loads of silver jewellery to be a witch. You could live in Jeans and a T-Shirt it doesn't make you and your craft any less valid. On the flip side you can live in black, wear long dresses and loads of silver jewellery and it doesn't make you a cliche. Just do you.

Do your research. Witchcraft is such broad subject so make sure you do your research, read, watch videos, listen to podcasts get as much information as you can. It's better to have more information so you can use it when practising your own craft and deciding what type of witch you want to be. Just remember that witchcraft is such a wide subject and much of it was either lost or never written down so you will never know everything there is to know.

Those are some tips that I feel will help any fledgling witch, I hope you found them useful. Good luck to anyone who may be starting out on their witch path. 

What tips would you give to a fledgling witch?  

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