Stocking Filler Ideas From Independent Sellers

Stockings are such a great part of the holidays but it can be hard to find gifts for them that are fairly priced, not massed produced by a huge company, use tonnes of plastic and that are things that people would actually want. So today I am going to share some stocking ideas that are from small independent businesses. 

Candles from TheFoxAndCandle 
OK candles may seem a bit obvious as a gift but hear me out, these aren't just plain candles. These are some of the prettiest candles I have ever seen. They are each given a magical purpose so this would make the perfect gift for anyone but especially the witch in your life. My personal favourite is the Sea Foam candle but if I could work my will I would have them all. 

Artwork from BroomClosetStore
I recently discovered Danielle's shop through instagram and I fell in love with her art style. My personal favourite is her Sage Under the Stars print. It's just too pretty!

Handmade crafts from FHAF (Fat Hen and Flo)
I discovered this shop at an Etsy market, I was walking past and noticed this Jeremy Corbyn tote bag. A few seconds later I had snapped it up as I knew that my mum would love it, I can't wait to see her face. The shop has so many different items from sew your own characters to soft dolls. They would make the perfect stocking presents. 

Bath Magick from wiccatree
I had to include my own etsy shop in this list as I love my products and think they would make wonderful stocking fillers. All my products are vegan and cruelty free and each item is blessed with it's own magical intent both while making and once the product is finished. We sell balms, bath infusions and bath imbuements so you'll be able to find something ideal no matter who you are shopping for. And for this whole week (3rd December- 9th December) we are offering 20% off and free shipping with all orders over £10!!!

Enamel Pins from Milk and Moon
Enamel pins make great stocking fillers and the ones from Milk and Moon are just gorgeous! They have a great female empowerment message which makes them ideal gifts for all the awesome women in your life. It's so hard to pick a favourite item but if I had to I would say this boob pin. The shop also sells t shirts, totes, jewellery and more so make sure you check it out.


Jewellery from Lois Gunn 
So there are loads of great items on this shop from art prints to stationary but what really catches my eye is the jewellery. It's really unique and bright which we all know at least one person who that is like, so why not treat them to some jewellery that is as fun as they are? I love these bauble earrings they are so cute and perfect for the holidays. 

Affirmation Cards from DreamyMoons
By far not the only thing sold on DreamyMoons (there is also art prints, pillowcases and postcards) but these are the items that stood out to me as they are just so beautiful! They may be a little pricey for a stocking present so you may want to make them into someone's main gift. But they are perfect for any witch in your life. 

So there are some stocking filler ideas from independent businesses. I really encourage you to shop with smaller businesses over the holidays as each thing you buy actually goes to the maker and gives them a huge smile! 

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