5 Simple Cocktail Recipes

Hello all! I hope you are having a great festive period. If you are having some kind of party on New Years or you are having some quality time with some loved ones you may be looking for cocktail recipes. I've been experimenting with cocktails ever since I've been old enough to drink (maybe a couple years before, but the least said about that the better). So I thought I would share with you 5 cocktail recipes that I really enjoy that you may want to try out.

A Dream Of Spring 
If you are fed up with the cold weather and you are looking forward to some sunshine. Have a sip of this cocktail and you will be walking among a garden of roses on a warm spring day. It's a really refreshing cocktail and if you eat a cube of chocolate beforehand it tastes like you are drinking Turkish Delight.

For 1 cocktail you will need: 
Three Ice Cubes
Two Slices Of Lime
Dash Of Lime Juice
1 Shot (42ml) Of Gin
1 Shot (42ml) Of Vodka
200 ml of Rose Lemonade

Classic Long Island Iced Tea

The old ones are the best ones. I've been a huge LIIT fan for a while now but a word of warning. It contains 4 different kinds of alcohol so please be careful! 

For 1 Cocktail you will need:
Ice Cubes
Lemon (or Lime) Slices
28 ml of Vodka
28ml of Rum
28ml of Tequila 
28ml of Gin
28 ml of Lemon Juice 
150ml of Coke 

Spiced Cream
Not had enough desserts over the holidays? Well you can combine pudding and a cocktail with this drink. It's sweet but the cinnamon and nutmeg gives it a spicy kick which makes it perfect for the winter months.

For 1 cocktail you will need:
Crushed Ice
Dash Of Hazelnut Syrup
Two Scoops Of Vanilla Ice Cream
1 Shot (42ml) of Honey Jack Daniels 
200ml of Milk
2 Shots (84ml) of Rum (light or dark it's up to you)
A Dash of Cinnamon 
A Dash of Nutmeg
Whipped Cream (to decorate the top)

How to make:
Pour all ingredients in a blender, mix and then pour. Add cream to top.

Sloe-ly Does It
This is a sweet cocktail but the sloe gin gives a kick of warmth. It's fruity and almost like a punch so would be great for a party drink. Shout out to Dan for helping me come up with a pun based name for it.

For 1 Cocktail you will need:
3 Ice Cubes
2 Slices Of Lime
2 Slices Of Lemon 
A Dash Of Grenadine
2 Shots (84ml) Of Sloe Gin
1 Shot (42ml) Of Tequila 
200ml of Lemonade
Dash Of Lime Juice

Tequila Sunrise With A Twist 

This is just your old faithful tequila sunrise recipe but instead of adding grenadine, you just add grape juice. It makes the drink less sickly sweet and more fruity in my opinion, it brings out the tequila as well.

For 1 cocktail you will need:

Ice Cubes
2 Shots Of Tequila 
100 ml Orange Juice
100ml Grape Juice

These recipes are perfect for a party because they are so simple to make and you can make bigger quantities and put them into a pitcher so people can just pour how much they want. 

I love having a drink on special occasions but there are many who don't or can't so please remember that and don't pressure anyone into drinking. Also if you are drinking have a great time but please take care and drink responsibly! 

Did you like these cocktail recipes? What are some of your favourite cocktails?

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