Inspirational Witches From Popular Culture

Witches have had to suffer with being represented as something evil for so long, ask people what they think of when you say "witch" you'll probably get words like "hooked nose", "child eating", "warts" offered up. This representation was of course used as a way in order to demonise those who practice (and specifically demonise women). While modern day witches are taking back that image of a hooked nose, warty crone and using it for themselves, the rise of witchcraft in popular culture is resulting in witches being written that don't necessarily fall into that mould. Witches are now starting to be represented as sympathetic, caring and humane characters (in simpler terms they are being represented for what they actually are) so today I'm sharing with you my favourite fictional witches. 

The Aunts- Practical Magic

While I love Sally and Gillian, the Aunts hold a special place in my heart. They take in Sally and Gillian when they are orphaned which I think is a great representation on how protective and caring witches are, particularly of their own. They are comfortable and sure in their own skin and accept that they are outsiders. Both have such great personalities and style that you wish they were your aunts. 

Magrat, Nanny Ogg and Granny Weatherwax- The Witches Books (Discworld series), Terry Pratchett

Thank goodness for Terry Pratchett, not only did he create the Discworld, some of the best fantasy books of all time, but from his head we also got these three witches. The Maid, the Mother and the Other One (no one dares call Granny Weatherwax a crone). Magrat is just starting out as a witch and is completely uncomfortable in her own skin. She's very unsure of herself both as a person and as a witch. She feels she has to wear certain clothes and accessories in order to let people know she's a witch. Magrat is the most relatable as she's not quite found her place in the world yet but still tries her hardest. 

Nanny Ogg is my personal favourite of the three and the one I hope to turn into one day. She's completely at home in herself, is a man-eater, drinks, smokes a pipe, sings inappropriate songs and is all in all someone who you would love to go on a night out with. But she's also a very caring individual and often takes Magrat under her wing.

Granny Weatherwax is a force of nature, if Nanny Ogg is comfortable in her own skin, Granny Weatherwax is so sure and steadfast that she may as well be made of concrete. She takes absolutely zero nonsense from anyone, no matter who they are. She sugarcoats nothing and will call out people on their nonsense. While she may be hard, cold and brutal, it comes from a good place. 

Galadriel- The Lord of the Rings

She's an elf-witch so it counts. Galadriel is one of the oldest and most powerful characters in LOTR and she was always one of my favourites. On one hand her sheer power makes her terrifying and on the other her gentle, caring nature makes her beloved. She's also played by Cate Blanchett in the films who I adore. 

Kiki's Delivery Service

Kiki is a witch who must leave home for one year and make it all by herself. She sets up a flying delivery service and deals with loneliness, anxiety and trying to figure herself out. She's someone I think most people will relate to whether they consider themselves witches or not. 

Witches have a lot of misrepresentation in the media but characters like this show that the tide is starting to turn. Witch characters are started to be written with more complexity and humanity and it's about time. 

Do you like any of these witches? Who are your favourite witches? 

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  1. The Aunts and Kiki ftw! Also Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson's characters from coven, amazing representation in that series ✨Marbl☾☽Moon

    1. I've never actually watched AHS! I think I'll have to give it a go!

      Ella xx