Witchy Albums

There are some times in life when I want to tap into the witch part of my personality, I feel this part of me is empowered, fearless, at one with nature. It's when I remember (for want a of a better term) this part of myself that I feel at my most confident. During these times I like to listen to certain music, this music helps me reconnect with that part of myself. It also helps me when I'm practising the craft, by adding to the mood and it helps me create. These albums may not necessarily be about witchcraft but for me personally they tap into that aspect of myself, plus they are just great albums. They also help with my creativity so I'll often pop them on when I'm writing, drawing, etc. 

Hounds of Love- Kate Bush

Kate Bush just screams empowerment and Hounds of Love is my personal favourite album of hers. The second half of the album known as "The Ninth Wave"tells the story of someone who is kept from drowning in water by their past, present and future. The album really helps ground me and keep my focus on everything and nothing all at once. 

Songs From The Wood- Jethro Tull

Although Heavy Horses is my favourite Jethro Tull album, Songs From The Wood taps into my witch more. It reconnects me to the world and reminds me of my love of nature. Every time I listen to it I want to go into the woods for a long walk. 

Dream Harder- The Waterboys 

Trying to pick just one of The Waterboys albums is so difficult but I had to go with Dream Harder. I find it such an empowering album. It's heavily influenced by neopaganism and was a great comfort to me growing up as I went to a Church of England school yet neither I or my family were Christian. This made me the subject to a lot of scrutiny.  Dream Harder reminds me to accept and embrace all parts of my personality. 

4- Peter Gabriel

Will I ever write or talk about music without mentioning Peter Gabriel? Probably not. Peter Gabriel's fourth solo album has been one of my favourite albums since I was young. Every time I listen to it I feel so spiritual and I use it as a tool to get my creativity flowing through me. 

These are just some of the albums that I listen to when I want to practise the craft or just want to reconnect to myself. I would like to point out that you don't have to listen to any type of music to consider yourself a witch, you could be practising while banging out 50 Cent's In Da Club and it wouldn't make it any less valid. 

Do you like any of these albums? What music do you listen to while practising or simply to empower you? 

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