Ode To Spring


Oh Spring how often do I betray you? With my talk of Autumn, cosy nights in, blankets, candles, leaves? Hopefully you still know how much I adore you and how I miss you during the long, cold nights of winter. Surely you must know how I dream of you as I go about in the cold and the frost? How I look outside at the silence of the world and mourn you?

I've always felt an affinity with you, perhaps because I was born in you. You make me feel connected again to the world that I've spent months hiding from. You make me feel life inside of my own body and all around me. The dark clouds in my mind part ways and you bring forth creativity, happiness and peace from inside of me. 

When I see you outside, when I walk, talk, laugh in you warmth spreads through my stomach. When we are parted my heart yearns to be back with you, like one yearns to be reunited with a lover.

 You return me to the child I once so that I run through a field of my favourite flowers, laughing. All thoughts of worry or responsibility are taken from me and you allow me to be free, truly free, if only for a moment.

 Looking up at endless blue with the one I love next to me, I feel my spirit float up and join you. My body joins you in the earth and if I close my eyes and sleep you are still there. 

Thank you for reading. I hope you are all enjoying spring so far!

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