January Favourites

Hello my lovely readers. Can you believe the first month of 2017 is nearly over? It's been a bit of a crazy month for me, I was very ill for a week and I have been stressed out but I had an amazing trip to London with Dan and (in case you don't follow me on Twitter) we've booked a trip to Prague in April! Anyhoo I got to enjoy a few new products over January, a lot of these were my Christmas presents so this post sort of doubles up as a "What I got for Christmas post" too. I'm going to stop waffling and get on to the favourites. 

Lush's Snow Fairy Body Conditioner 
So if you're a fan of Lush you'll know what Snow Fairy smells like, very sweet and sugary and basically all things that are good. I've never tried a body conditioner before so I was sceptical but I saw a Youtuber talk about them and wanted to give them a try. In the shower you place a tiny bit of the conditioner (a little goes a LONG way) and then you rise it off. My skin is so soft after using this and the smell is just divine. My mum also loves it too and I suspect keeps pinching some! 

Lush's Christingle Body Conditioner 
So you use this the exact same way you use the Snow Fairy one only the mint in this body conditioner leaves you cold and tingly all over. I am a massive fan of mint smells and I love the cold sensation but I'm sure there are plenty who wouldn't. 

Lush's Snowshowers Shower Jelly 
Last Lush product, I promise. I wrote a full review of this product if you want to read that. I love this jelly, it smells incredible! 

Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette 
So I've been after the Solstice highlighting palette since forever but every time I've tried to get one it's been sold out. On the 100th time trying to get it and failing I spotted this precious metals palette and it looked gorgeous so I picked it up and I am so glad I did. The highlights inside are gorgeous and so easy to use and I love that you are able to create subtle or dramatic looks with the palette. My skin looks incredible with a lovely glow. 

Sailor Moon Backpack 
Cliched #boydonegood but Dan got me such amazing Christmas gifts this year (he always does) and this bag is one of my favourites. I love cats and I love Sailor Moon so you know this bag is kind of perfect. The bag is really great quality and holds a lot of stuff in it I also think that it goes with just about anything. 

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Manga 
And another #boydonegood why not? Dan bought me this manga which I have been dying to read for ages. This manga is what the film (both by Hayao Miyazaki) is based on and as much as I love the film this manga is so much better. The art is beautiful and the story is gripping and intense. 

I've wanted to try this Japanese sweet for AGES so Dan bought me some for Christmas. It's basically pure hard sugar brightly coloured but dear lord it's good. I've almost got through the whole packet!

Taboo TV Series
So the series is half way through and I'm hooked. It stars Tom Hardy, no that's not the main reason why I started watching it *cough*. It's dark and moody which is one of the main reasons I love it. Set during the war between Britain and America, James Delaney returns home after the death of his father and inherits a piece of land that both the Americans and East India Trading Company want. I'm doing a terrible job at explaining it but trust me, watch it, it's so good!

So those are my January Favourites I hope you enjoyed this post and you found something you want to try.

Have you tried any of these? What were you loving over January?

Thanks for reading!

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