Things They Don't Teach You About Sex

Hello lovely readers, first of all I'm sorry that there wasn't any posts last week I decided to have a little break as I had a horrific cold and my anxiety was through the roof. Second, today's post is all to do with sex so if you are on the young side or Mum if you're being nosy and looking through my blog maybe give this post a miss. 

Let's face it Sex Education at school is pretty damn useless, mine involved us putting condoms on carrots and (understandably) cracking up at the situation. Sex Ed misses out a lot of important information about sex, both the emotional and physical aspects of the act. So today I'm going to be sharing some of the things I wish they had taught us in Sex Ed. I need to point out that I am no expert (I'm not sure anyone ever is, how cool would being a sex expert be?), this is just my two cents.

If we listened to Sex Ed losing your virginity would mean the moment a penis entered your vagina or your penis entered a vagina. This is not remotely the case. There are many arguments about what it means to lose your virginity, some even arguing that there is no such thing. 

The first time a penis enters your vagina it hurts. Well for most women it does anyway. There was no mention of this when my teacher was shoving a rubber on a root vegetable.

This may come as shock so you may want to sit down for this one but some people like having sex with other members of their own sex! Or of people of both sexes or no one at all, etc. Homosexuality is completely bypassed when educating teenagers about sex, which is completely stupid and needs changing right now. 

OK so going through every kink in the world during Sex Ed would be impossible but a mention that having turn ons that may not seem conventional is completely fine, normal and healthy wouldn't have gone a miss. Instead we are left feeling like a freak if the idea of doing the nasty dressed as pikachu gets us going.

Women Are Allowed To Like It 
Sex is awesome, it feels great and is a lot of fun. They are never going to teach that in Sex Ed, however what they should teach in Sex Ed or rather un-teach is the idea that society has placed in the minds of women, that a women shouldn't enjoy sex. Women have just a right to enjoy sex as men and should be allowed to explore their sexuality safely, without fear of name calling or even violence. 

As we sniggered, giggled, then full on cracked up during Sex Ed our teacher and a very stuck up girl shouted at us but having a sense of humour about sex is actually really beneficial. It can make things less awkward and make you feel closer to the person you are about to have sex with. For instance, the first time Dan spanked me as foreplay we both cracked up for half an hour and then had some of the most amazing sex I've ever had. 

OK so these are but a few in a long list of things that Sex Ed should have taught us about but failed to, there is a whole lot more but if I mentioned it all this post wold be crazy long. 

I hope you found this post interesting, do you agree with any of these? What do you think should be taught during Sex Ed? 

PS. Happy Halloween!!

Thanks for reading! 

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  1. Loved this post. Sex Ed really doesn't teach teenagers how to handle situations it just gives them the stereotypical information. I think one thing they really should teach is that it's good to talk, we were never told that it's good to talk to your partner about sex, about what you like and don't.

    HAYLEY // A Teal Soul

    1. Thank you so much I am pleased you enjoyed this post! I completely agree being able to communicate about sex is SO important! Thanks for stopping by.

      Ella xx

  2. I love how open you are about topics that are supposed to be taboo. I definitely think sec education needs a complete revamp, i loved reading this! XO- Kim

    1. Aw thank you Kim I'm pleased you enjoyed it, yeah definitely Sex Ed actually needs to start educating! Hope you are well my gorgeous friend!

      Ella xx