Asleep- Banana Yoshimoto| Book Review

Hello lovely readers, I hope you had a great weekend! I recently treated myself to a few books (one of my favourite things is shopping in second hand bookshops). I picked up three books by Banana Yoshimoto, a Japanese writer whose work I've wanted to read for ages. The first book I read of the three was Asleep which I am going to share my thoughts with you lovely lot today.

Asleep contains three novellas: Night and Night's Travellers, Love Songs and Asleep. Night and Night's Travellers describes the life of Shibomi after the death of her brother and how it affected her and those around her. The story explores loss, love and secrets. Love Songs also explores the ideas of loss and love. After drinking heavily Fumi starts to feel that an old love rival wants to speak to her from beyond the grave. Love Songs explores the idea of missing the opportunity of a friendship, of missing out on a connection. Asleep follows the story of a woman losing her friend and her relationship with a man whose wife is in a coma.

I'm purposefully giving a brief description of each story so that I don't give anything away. Though the three stories aren't connected they all share common themes like grief, anxiety.

Banana Yoshimoto's writing is absolutely beautiful, simplistic but with so much meaning woven into it. The stories are easy to follow as they are so easy to relate to, the feelings describes and the feelings the stories bring up in the reader are so familiar and very personal. The feelings Yoshimoto's writing creates within you while you're reading are so personal you sort of feel like you've fallen under a spell and you can't stop reading. You wouldn't expect there to be so much depth to her characters as the stories are pretty short. But Yoshimoto is able to write really complex and relatable characters in such a short time.

The stories are easy to read and therefore are great for those who don't have the time to or simply don't want to read something long. The pacing is excellent, the stories never drag on and are never rushed Yoshimoto manages to pace out such short stories really well. 

I really loved reading Asleep and would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading stories with a lot of deeper meaning. I am so excited to read more of Banana Yoshimoto's work. 

I hope you enjoyed this review. Have you read Asleep? What books have you been loving recently?

Thanks for reading!  

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  1. This sounds so good Ella, I am going to track this book down! I am such a fan of novellas and these sound beautiful, definitely a book right up my alley! I hope you are doing well my lovely friend! XO -Kim

    1. It's such a beautiful book I'm sure you'll love it! I hope you are having a great week so far lovely lady!

      Ella xx