50 Things I Love

Happy Saturday lovely readers! I hope you have some great plans for the weekend! Today I thought I would do a post to let you get to know me a bit better. As I've already done a couple of "Facts About Me" posts which you can find here and here I thought I would share 50 things that I love. Some of these may not come as much of a shock to those of you who have been reading my blog for a while but anyway, let's get to it. 

1. Studio Ghibli films, (I did a whole post why I love them so much)  
2. Anime in general 
3. Cats 
4. Raccoons
6. Dogs 
7. Disney films
8. Musicals
9. Music (I love all kinds, some of my favourite artists are: Peter Gabriel, Bjork, The Talking Heads, Placebo and Chvrches).
10. Chinese food
11. Pan Au Chocolat
12. Coffee 
13. Anything mint flavoured
14. Tattoos
16.Old Hollywood
17. Audrey Hepburn (she's been my idol since I was 3 and I was lucky enough to see (and touch!) her LBD from Breakfast at Tiffany's).
18. Lush bath bombs 
19. Daisies 
20. Monkey Puzzle Trees 
21. Cacti (and anything cactus related)
22. Cocktails 
23. Dresses
24. Zelda: Ocarina of Time
25. Writing
26. Drawing 
27. Game of Thrones
28. Reading
29. A Christmas Carol (the book) 
30. Wearing my boyfriend's shirts.
31. Hot Chocolate
32. Pizza 
33. Dancing (very badly)
34. Watching YouTube videos for hours
35. Listening to the rain 
36. Japan
37. Japanese culture
38. Gigs
39. Garden parties 
40. Gardens.
41. The sound of the violin 
42. Spring
43. Opal jewellery
44. Pastel hair colour (I really want to dye my hair a pastel colour but I'm scared it won't suit me and/or damage my hair)
45. Floral headbands 
46. The moon 
47. Perfume bottles (modern and vintage) 
48. Adventure Time (BMO and Ice King are my favs)
49. Jaffa Cakes 
50. Peep Show (for those of you who don't know Peep Show is a British comedy and it's absolutely hilarious).

I hope you enjoyed finding out some of the things that I love. Do you love any of these? What are some things you love? 

Thanks for reading! 

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  1. Such nice and summery post. I know most of those things don't mean summer, but I had a summery feeling! Might also be the sun outside my window just now :) Have a good weekend!


    1. Haha I'm glad you liked it! I hope you have a great weekend too!

      Ella xx

  2. Oh I always enjoy reading these kind of posts so much. I feel like they just boost my mood in such a unique way. Your things are great :)

    Love, Kerstin

    1. Thank you, I'm really glad you liked it and that it boosted your mood!

      Ella xx

  3. Great post hun! I like this so much.

    JENNEROUTFITS.COM a blog dedicated to kendall and kylie jenner’s best outfits.

    1. Thank you so much I'm glad you enjoyed it!

      Ella xx

  4. I love gigs, pizza and travelling as well! This is such a nice list and I can definitely find few more things that I love as well :) x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. I'm glad you liked and found some things you love too! Thanks for dropping in!

      Ella xx

  5. I really really love these kind of post :) I love Lush bath bombs, pizza and Christmas too :) I prefer cats than dogs and I autumn is my favourite season ! xx


    1. Thank you I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for stopping by!

      Ella xx

  6. I always love these kind of posts - they really make my day :) It's nice to read something positive! I'm with you on perfume bottles, or just any kind of packaging really. Just say I'm in a duty free with my friends; everyone is smelling the perfumes, and there's me being like "oooh, the bottle's really pretty" or "that packaging is so cool" haha. I've always been a creative in that way. Also Jaffa Cakes - enough said <3 they don't have them here in Australia unless you want to pay like $8 in a UK sweet shop, which I plain out REFUSE to do no matter how much I love them. I expect hoards of them on my return to the UK in June ;)


    1. I'm the same I'm a sucker for cute packaging! $8! That's crazy! Yeah definitely stock up while you're here. Thank you for stopping by and I'm so glad you liked this post.

      Ella xx

  7. Um #13, #16, #19...okay basically just this whole list. Long lost twin status right here! Love you girl! XO -Kim

    1. Haha I'm so pleased I finally found my long lost twin! Thank you my gorgeous friend, I love you millions!

      Ella xx

  8. I loved reading this, we actually share common loves. Especially GoT!!! Daisies are my favourite flower. Such a good list!


    1. I'm really pleased you enjoyed it!

      Ella xx