What's In My Bag?

Hello lovely readers, I love finding out what is in other people's bags. I just love being nosey and finding out what people carry around with them on a day to day basis. Then I realised that I have been writing In Ella's Element for over a year and I have never done a "what's in my bag post". So today that is just what I am going to do, so let's get to it. 

The Bag
Firstly this is my go to bag, I have had it for a few years, it was originally from H&M. I just love the satchel style of this bag, the bag is big enough to fit all my essentials but is still a fairly small bag. I also love how it's bright blue so when I'm wearing black (which is a lot) it adds a pop of colour to my outfit. So here is what is inside.. 

I have an iPhone 5S and I really like it and have no desire to get an upgrade any time soon (that and I couldn't afford it anyway). I absolutely love my Totoro phone case, it's so cute!!

  One of my best friends bought me this purse for Christmas years ago and I love it and can't bring myself to replace it even though the zip is completely broken. 

iPod and Keys
I carry around my ancient iPod so that I can be a rude, anti-social mare and ignore everyone and everything.

Pink Cosmetics Bag 
So as I really don't fancy lugging around my actual makeup bag that weighs a tonne I just put my essentials in this little bag. The bag contains: 
.Powder and Brush
.Hayfever Tablets 
.Headache Tablets 
.Cold Tablets (hey I like to be prepared)
.Contraceptive Pill 
.Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel 

Notebook and Pen 
In case I get any blog ideas or any other thoughts or ideas when I'm out.

Body Spray
I mentioned this spray in a favourites post once I just love having a little bottle to spritz myself with. 

I guess what's inside my bag is pretty standard to be honest but I hoped you enjoyed reading this post and finding out what I carry around with me anyway. 

What is in your bag? What are your daily essentials?  

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I love a good nosey into peoples bags so I LOVE posts like this, they are some of my favorites! Your purse is so cute and I do love that it adds a pop of color! I always have to carry a hair tie and bobby pins because I always put my hair up at some point in the day! XO -Kim

    1. I'm the same I just being nosey and seeing what people carry around with them. I'm glad you liked the post gorgeous, I wish I carried around Bobby pins my fringe always annoys me by the end of the day, I need to pop some in my bag ASAP!

      Ella xx

  2. That totoro phone case is really cool! I know my best friend would love that.

    I'm pretty boring and don't carry that much around with me but I'm nosey and like seeing what other people have in their bags :p