Ultimate Movie Night

So Spring is almost here but for us in the UK Spring is no guarantee of sun or warmth. We are still wearing coats, the days are still a bit dreary and it rains a lot. So there is still the need for the occasional night in, so today I'm sharing my essentials for the ultimate movie night.

As much as I love having movie nights with Dan it is fun having a chilled night in with my girls.

Pizza and movie nights kind of go hand in hand. There is nothing better than having a giant Domino's and watching films you love. 

Although you've just eaten enough pizza to fill a truck it's still important to have snacks. I'm talking: chocolate, sweets, biscuits, popcorn, you know all those super healthy foods.

Not enough alcohol so that you are being sick down the loo but having a few ciders or cocktails is always a nice treat for a movie night. 

Face Masks
It's always fun putting on face masks with your friends, cue a lot of selfies and snapchats.    

Well, duh. I either like having a film night theme e.g. Disney Films Night or I like to watch a movie of each genre to mix things up a little. 

So those are my essentials for the ultimate movie night. Do you like having movie nights? What are your essentials? 

Thanks for reading! 

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