My Birthday Surprise

Hello lovely readers, first of all I'm sorry about the lack of posts, I've not been
 feeling too good lately but I'm a bit better now so I can start blogging again, yay! So as it's my birthday on the 25th I went into London to meet my mum for a day looking around the museums, well I thought that was what I was doing. While I was waiting for my "mum" at Victoria Station my three best friends appeared, making me jump out of my skin but I was so happy to see them. They had been planning to surprise me for over a month and everyone (my mum and Dan included) were in on it , sneaky, sneaky.They recorded my reaction which was so funny and cringey at the same time. 

We had a lovely day having coffee, lunch and looking around the Disney Stores in Covent Garden and Oxford Street. Although it was a bit like torture, there were so many cute things I wanted to buy but couldn't.

So I was content with just having a day in London with my girls but after a lot of rushing as we were running a bit late (I had no clue what for) we ended up outside Her Majesty's Theatre. My friends had bought me tickets to one of my favourite London shows, The Phantom of the Opera! This was the fourth time I would have seen the show now and it was just as incredible as it was the first time I watched it. It was the first time my friends had seen it and it so lovely seeing how much they enjoyed it. 

I had such a lovely day, I was spoilt rotten by my three best friends and I felt so lucky and grateful to see them. A massive thank you to my three best friends, I love you girls millions! Note: Can you all please like this photo for my girl Emily 

Have you ever seen The Phantom of the Opera? How would you spend a day in London? 

Thanks for reading!  

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