February Favourites

Hello all, it's that time of month again, no not that time of month (yes I did just make a period joke, shame on me). It's time for my monthly favourites. I found a few beauty items and other bits that I really enjoyed last month, so let's get to it.

Maybelline dream Velvet Foundation 
I had to pick up a new foundation last month and saw this one was new and thought I would give it a go. I really like the coverage this foundation gives, although you do have to build it up a bit for it to give it's best coverage. This foundation gives good coverage but still looks natural which I love and although you have to build on it, it doesn't look like you have put a lot of makeup on. 

Collection Highlight and Sculpt Contour Kit
So I've only been in on the contouring game for a few months so I'm still bit of a beginner . This pallet is perfect for beginners, the contour side is really subtle so you can build on it, this is great for people (like me) with pale skin. The contour looks really great on pale skin but would also look great on darker skin tones too. The highlight gives my skin a really healthy looking glow but you had to use a little bit of highlight with this pallet as if you use too much you look super shiny but if you use the right amount it looks great. Oh and did I mention this pallet was only £3? Not bad! 

VO5 Plump It Up Amplifying Blow Dry Lotion 
I love this so much, it smells great and works really well. I spray it onto my wet hair before blow drying and afterwards my hair hair has so much volume but doesn't feel sticky and this doesn't make your hair greasy at all. 

Roman Holiday 
OK so this is not exactly a new one for me but I haven't watched it in years. But this month I made my boyfriend watch it with me three times, sorry Dan! For those of you who don't know Roman Holiday stars Audrey Hepburn as Princess Ann who sneaks off from her royal duties for a day in Rome. It's a lovely funny film that makes me so happy, definitely give it a watch. 

Secret Life of the Zoo 
This is perfect for animal lovers out there. This 8 part documentary on Channel 4 goes behind the scenes at Chester Zoo. It shows how the animals are cared for and what they get up to when no one is around. It's really interested plus there are animals, need I say more? 

Imogen Heap 
I recently got into Imogen Heap's music and I've been loving listening to her. She has such an unique sound a mix of pop, rock and electronica. I love Run-Time, it's such a good song and has been on repeat on my iPod for a while now. 

Galaxy Golden Eggs 
Thank you Galaxy for making these bad boys, they are so yummy. Golden Eggs are little milk chocolate eggs with little pieces of hard, crispy caramel inside. They are so more-ish I'm going to be so sad when Easter is over and these go off the shelves. 

I hope you liked my February Favourites and found something you might want to try. 

Have you tried any of my favourites? What were you loving in February?

Thanks for reading!

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