23 Lessons From A 23 Year Old

So it was my birthday on Friday meaning I am officially 23 years old. Yep, it doesn't feel real and I still feel like a teenager to be honest: confused, awkward and trying to figure myself out. But, I have gone through a seriously large amount of stuff and therefore learnt a lot in my 23 years. So I'm going to share with you lovely lot 23 lessons that life has taught me so far. 


1.Fake friends are not worth the time or the heartbreak, cut them loose as soon as you realise how fake they are, don't try and hold on to something just because it's familiar. 

2. Not having a huge group of friends is totally OK, in some ways it's even better. Don't feel like there is something wrong with you because your social group is small.

3. Friends are an extension of your family and it's perfectly OK to feel closer to them than some family members. 


4. Don't dismiss someone just because they aren't your "usual type". 

5. The "bad boys" aren't cool and mysterious they are dicks. 

6. Being friends with your partner first is a great way of getting to know them and when you finally do get together it's heaven just to be with someone who gets you and who makes you laugh.


7.Talking about sex is perfectly OK. 

8. Being able to laugh when something doesn't go quite right during sex is fucking awesome. 

9. There is nothinhg wrong with being into kinky ass stuff, it doesn't make you a freak. 

Body Image

10. What you do with your body and what your body looks like is no one else's business but yours.

11. Don't listen to people who comment on your body, do you really want to listen to someone who spends their life tearing other people down? Nope, didn't think so. 

12. If you are healthy and happy, you have the perfect body. 


13. There are times when you will feel a bit lost but that is more than OK. 

14. You are more than capable, tell that voice in your head that says you can't do it to shut up! 

15. Be you: be into what you like, say what you think, do what you want. Don't try to be someone else's idea of who you are. 

Life In General

16. Laugh A Lot 

17. Kiss the person you love as often as you can.

18. Try new things, you will find so many things that you love that you never thought you would. 

19. Step outside your comfort zone, there is a lot of stuff waiting for you out there. 

20. You aren't alone. There are loads of people you can talk to who are going through similar stuff to you. 

21. Acting like a child is good every so often, Watch a Disney film, cuddle a soft toy, let someone look after you, it can help you so much. 

22. Don't compare your life to other people's, you might not seem as "successful" as someone else but it's your journey and it will never be identical to anyone else's. 

23. Worry less. Worrying is probably the cause of most of your problems, it doesn't solve anything and will just drain you. Take a breath and relax. 

I hope you enjoyed this post? Did you like these lessons? What important lessons have you learnt?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Amazing, loved this! So full of positivity :)

    1. Thank you! I'm really pleased you enjoyed it :)

      Ella xx