Interview Tips

Hello lovelies, I have been to so many interviews recently (which either makes me the most or least qualified person to talk about this, you decide) that I thought I would share some interview tips with you. Here are some of my tips on how to ace an interview.

It's important to dress smart, unless told otherwise, but wear smart clothes you feel comfortable in, that you're used to wearing. If you aren't comfortable you're more likely to fidget and look like you're not concentrating.  

Go in to the room with the mindset that it's not why you should get the job but why the job should get you. Of course still sell yourself (not literally) and don't act cocky. But be confident and know that the employers would be lucky to get you. Thinking like this will increase your confidence and make you more likely to answer questions well.

Always ask a question. At the end of an interview you will be asked if you have any questions. Have a few prepared, if you don't have any questions the people interviewing you will think you aren't interested enough in the position.

Make eye contact. Not constantly obviously or you'll look creepy AF but make regular eye contact. The interviewer will know you're paying attention and making eye contact gives the impression that you are confident. Even if you are anything but. 

Before an interview listen to your favourite upbeat music. This will put you in a positive mood and make you more energetic. It might also help with those pre-interview nerves. 

These are just some tips that will help the next time you have an interview. I hope you enjoyed this post and found these tips helpful. 

Did you like these tips? What tips would you give to someone with an interview? 

Thanks for reading! 

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