Style Crushes

It's Monday, waa! I hope you all have had a fun or relaxing weekend. Today I'm going to be sharing my style crushes, in case you don't know a style crush is a woman (or man) whose style you admire and wish you could steal. These are just a few of mine, these are the people I spend vast amounts of my time looking at on Pinterest lusting over their style. 

Jenn Im 
Jenn Im is a Youtuber whose channel Clothes Encounters focuses on beauty and fashion. I mentioned her in My Favourite Youtubers post ages ago. Honestly this girl could wear a bin bag and would rock it. Jel! It's hard to describe her style as she works so many different ones. From elegant chic to casual tomboy sportswear. I would definitely recommend checking her out and becoming as green with envy over her wardrobe as I am.

Gemma Arterton 
Gemma Arterton is a British actress whose style I have loved for years. She always looks flawless in whatever she wears. I guess I'd describe her style as casual chic, her looks are always comfy and stylish. 

Gwen Stefani 
Singer Gwen Stefani is perfect, I'm crossing all my fingers that I look half as good as she does when I'm 46! Her look is a mix of rock chick and sophisticated lady. She always manages to look incredible and no one rocks a red lip quite like her. 

These are just a few of my Style Crushes, there are so many more. Do you like any of my Style Crushes? Who are your Style Crushes? 

Thank you for reading!

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