My Pictures From South Korea

Hello all, it's Saturday! I realised that I shared with you all the drama that happened in South Korea but I didn't share with you any of the pictures of the amazing things I saw while I was there. So today I'm going to share with you some of my pictures of South Korea. We went to a city called Cheongju which is a less touristy area. I'm sorry that these aren't the best quality photos, I had to take them on my phone. 

One night two of the fellow teachers we would have worked with took us to dinner, this is Korean Shabu Shabu, originally a Japanese dish that Koreans have adopted. There are no words, it was just so yummy and I'm sure I was the size of a whale when we left the restaurant. 

After we left the restaurant it started snowing so we had a gorgeous walk back to our apartment in the snow. The park looked so beautiful! 

Dan and I went for a walk on a gorgeous sunny day (I know it was snowing and then suddenly it was sunny) without really any idea where we were going and we came across the remains of a temple which had been part of a fortress, It was so beautiful and I'm so pleased we stumbled across it.

When we had to leave Cheongju we decided to walk into the next city and then catch a taxi to the bus terminal. I had to take a photo of the mountains and of the river before we left. 

Although going to Korea didn't pan out as we intended I'm so pleased that Dan and I had the opportunity to go and see this amazing place.

I hope you liked looking at these photos, have you ever been to South Korea? Where did you go? 

Thank you for reading?   

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  1. So gorgeous! Even though it didn't work out what a beautiful country to get some sight seeing in! I'm glad everything worked out, it all happened for a reason and I am sure you are travelling the path you are meant to take! That being said, Korean food is truly the best! Shabu shabu is one of my favorites :D I hope you are having a wonderful week my gorgeous friend! XO -Kim

  2. P.S. LOVE the new blog layout :D

    1. Yeah I'm so pleased we got to see some of it despite everything else that went on. Yeah it will all lead to something I'm sure of it. You're so right about Korean food I still have withdrawal symptoms from it, it was unbelievable! Thank you gorgeous I'm glad you like it :) I hope you are well my wonderful friend and that everything is going well.

      Ella xx