London Pictures

Hello all you lovely readers out there! So as I was in London several times last month sorting our travel documents for South Korea I thought I would show you a few of the photos I took.

Dan and I popped into John Lewis and visited the kid's section and decided to behave, well, like kids.

I dragged Dan into the Disney store and had to have a picture in Cinderella's carriage. Princess in the making right here!

St Pancras Station had a Christmas tree made of Disney toys. Best. Christmas. Tree. Ever. 

We had a few hours to kill so we checked out Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. How creepy is this statue?

Dan couldn't believe I had never been to the natural History Museum so we headed there and it was so interesting. And the ice rink outside was gorgeous. 

I hope you enjoyed looking at some of my photos. Have you been to London recently? What did you get up to? 

Thanks for reading! 

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  1. I love posts like this, I like to be able to see the world even if I can't travel currently! I love that picture of you in Cinderella's carriage, you are too cute and it's so fitting! Love this! XO -Kim

    1. I'm just the same I spend so much of my time looking at pictures of all the countries I want to visit and reading travel blogs. Haha thank you lovely I definitely think my full time career should be a Disney Princess!

      Ella xx