Hello my lovely readers, if you follow me on Twitter you will already know this but for those who don't I'm going to give you a quick life update.

So I have had to come back home from South Korea (massive sad face) the reason being our hagwon (school) was trying to make us work without an E2 visa, which is against the law. Dan and I are obviously devastated as it such a lovely school, the kids were so funny and friend and obviously South Korea is an amazing beautiful country. 

But our safety is the most important thing, had we carried on working there without the correct visas we could have been fined, arrested or deported, none of which we wanted obviously. Even if the school had sorted our visas like they promised when we originally agreed to work for them, remember we were supposed to go to Japan for a visa run, our faith in the school was  lost. I won't name names but on the off chance anyone reading this is going to work or is thinking to work in South Korea you can email me with any questions or worries you may have. 

I will say that our situation is not typical of South Korea and please do not be put off teaching there or in a foreign country, we just got unlucky that is all. Obviously we still adore South Korea and will be back there one day but for now it's on the next adventure. 

Thank you for reading! 

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  1. Ella, I love that you posted this and how sensitive you are about the situation! It's true you two were unlucky, I am so sad about that, but everything happens for a reason and it is so wonderful of you to not steer others away from teaching in a foreign country! Love and hugs your way and I hope your having a great week gorgeous girl! XO -Kim

    1. Thank you lovely lady yeah I don't want anyone to be put off working abroad it's an amazing experience, we definitely were just unlucky. Thank you my wonderful friend sending lots of hugs and love back to you!

      Ella xx