Christmas Gift Ideas #4

Hello everyone! Christmas is getting closer and closer, if you’re having trouble with ideas on what to buy your Dad, look no further. Here are some ideas of what you could treat your Dad to show him you care this Christmas.

Wineworks Superior Wine Kit, £39.99
Instead of buying your Dad a bottle of wine this year why not give him the means to make his own wine?

Men’s Engraved Message Bracelet, £49
The perfect way to give your Dad a lovely message which he can keep close to himself.

Little Black Classics Box Set, £65.10
If your Dad is a massive book worm then treat him to a set of 80 (yes 80!) classic works of literature.

Large Quadcopter Drone, BHS. £75
Let your Dad be a big kid this Christmas just try and make sure it’s not flown into anything breakable.

Chinese Wok Set, BHS. £18
If your Dad loves his Chinese food he will love getting this set.

Introductory Flying Lesson, Virgin Experience Days. £129
Get your Dad up in the clouds for a Christmas present he will never forget.
Introductory Flying Lesson

I hope these have helped you decide what it is you will get your Dad this Christmas. What ideas did you like best? What would you suggest buying a Dad for Christmas?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Oh my gosh Ella, I love that wine works kit, what a great idea! I know a few people on my list that would love that! Thanks for these gift guides, so helpful for people like me who are always stumped on gifts! I hope you are doing well my beautiful friend! XO -Kim

    1. I know I think it's a great option rather than just buying a bottle of wine let them make their own. Aw I'm pleased you are enjoying them and that they are helping you out! Thank you gorgeous lady I hope you're week is going great so far!

      Ella xx