Little Lush Haul


Hello all! So I will be catching a plane to South Korea in a few hours!! I'm going to share with you a few bits I picked up from Lush last week as a gift to myself. I promised to be good and only buy three things and I actually manged to do it!

The first thing I picked up is Maypole I have wanted this soap for ages. I love the smell of it a combination of nuts and mint (you know how much I love mint).

I had to pick up this shower jelly after smelling it in the shop, it's incredible. The smell of apples in so strong, I brought the one with vegan red wine in it but I think that made it smell all the better.

If I'm being honest I was after the Cup O' Coffee face mask but they didn't have it in store. So I opted for Cupcake instead,as you can guess it smells very chocolaty with a hint of mint. My skin felt really soft and fresh after I used it.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Have you ever used any of these products? What did you get from Lush last time you were there?

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  1. So, embarrassing beauty blogger secret I'm sharing with you : I've never actually tried any lush products. I keep meaning to and they recently opened a store in a city about an hour away from me, but I just haven't. That mask looks freaking amazing though, so I do need to get my butt down there! Can't wait to hear from you my gorgeous friend, hope you get settled in okay! XO -Kim

    1. *shocked gasp* get yourself down to Lush ASAP lady, their products are soooo good!! If you want any recommendations let me know! I will email you soon my lovely friend, we arrived safely but I'll go into more detail. Hope you are well beautiful lady and you're having a great week!

      Ella xx