Villain Beauty

Happy Halloween everyone! *cue spooky noises and music*. I hope you all have got some great plans for tonight, personally I am staying in, watching scary movies and ignoring trick or treaters. I’m not being mean but I live in one of the less pleasant areas of London so it’s for the best.
In honour of Halloween I’m going to share with you six villains whose looks I envy and would totally try and copy for Halloween.

1.       The Evil Queen, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Let’s face it before she decided to turn into a hag The Evil Queen was a bit of a babe. I don’t know many people who could rock THOSE eyebrows. I love her smoky eye makeup combined with a red lip. Hot!

2.       Poison Ivy, Uma Thurman.
One look at those eyebrows and I am sold, too cool. I also love her reddish/ pinkish hair, wow! And that outfit is incredible I’m loving the green.

3.       Maleficent, Sleeping Beauty.
My favourite Disney villain, she is beautiful and terrifying all at once. I love Maleficent's makeup, the purple smoky eyeshadow and red lipstick looks awesome. Add red nails and maybe a crow on your shoulder if you’re feeling bold (or maybe just go with the staff).

4.       Ma-Ma, Lena Headly.

Definitely a tougher look here but super cool. Short hair, messy eye makeup, scars and a load of attitude.  It reminds me of Nikita (see below) but she isn’t a villain so if you wanted to try this look but wanted to be a heroine just say you’re Nikita.

5.       Lady Eboshi, Princess Mononoke.
I love Lady Eboshi’s half up, half down hairstyle and her clothes are absolutely beautiful. Her makeup is simple just a slick of red lipstick and a calculating smile. 

6.       Mrs Coulter, Nichole Kidman.
Although I hated the film The Golden Compass and think it butchered Phillip Pullman’s book. I did love how Nichole Kidman looked as Mrs Coulter. I adore her 20s inspired short hairstyle. Her makeup looks fresh and her skin looks like it glows.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and maybe got some last minute inspiration if you have left your Halloween costume to the last minute. I hope you all have a great night tonight whatever you are up to.

Do you like any of these villains? Which villain’s look would you try and copy for Halloween?

Thanks for reading!

Happy Halloween!

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