The Daily Struggles Of Cat Lovers


Hello lovely readers! Today’s post is one all cat lovers will relate to. I am a massive cat lover but due to having to leave my old home I can’t see my old cat, Finn. I miss him so much so I wanted to write a cat related post, so here it is. These are five struggles all cat lovers know too well.

It’s as if there is a conspiracy going on where the creators of YouTube don’t want us to concentrate on our lives so it fills itself with videos of adorable cats rendering us powerless. You go to watch one cat video and suddenly three hours have disappeared in a blur of cats playing, eating and generally being awesome.

A self-proclaimed cat lover will always feel a stab of guilt when seeing a puppy picture or video and saying “aww”. We feel as if we have betrayed all felines around the world.

Someone who is obsessed with cats always fears that they will be labelled a “crazy cat lady” or will become one. But there is always the biggest fear that any potential partners won’t approve of our plans of buying a cottage and living with fifty cats.

When we cat lovers see posts saying things like “cats are d**ks” an anger boils inside and we want to defend our cute fur balls even if secretly we know full well cats can be d**ks from time to time.

Too Much Cuteness
Black cats, tabby cats, ginger cats… There are too many beautiful cats making it nearly impossible to function on a daily basis. It also makes choosing a cat for a pet a nearly impossible task.

I hope you enjoyed this cat loving post. Are you a cat lover? What do you love about cats?

Thanks for reading! 

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  1. I couldn't agree more with this post! Haha. Love it, especially the YouTube one! Cat videos are like potato say you're just going to watch one and then 500 videos later you're wondering what happened to your day, haha.


    1. I'm pleased you enjoyed haha I know cat videos are too addictive! I definitely could lose a day watching them. Thank you for reading lovely!

      Ella xx