My Feel Good Playlist


Hello lovely readers I’m sorry for my posts being less frequent then usual but I’ve sorted a few things out and now posts should be back to their normal schedule. Yay! So let’s get to it. Am I the only one guilty of doing this? When I’m feeling a bit down I put on sad music and make myself feel even worse. It’s a habit I’m trying to stop, so more and more often when I’m feeling sad I will put on some feel good music.

I love music and how it can make young go from crying into a pillow to dancing around like a lunatic. So I thought I would share with you, my lovely readers my Feel Good Playlist. These the songs that make me forget my troubles and put a smile on my face. I’ll link YouTube links to these songs if you want to check them out.

  1. Blondie- Denis
  2. Beyoncé- Crazy In Love
  3. David Bowie- Let’s Dance
  4. Counting Crows- Accidently In Love
  5. Peter Gabriel- Sledgehammer
  6. My Fair Lady Soundtrack- I Could Have Danced AllNight
  7. No Doubt- Underneath It All
  8. Outkast- Hey Ya
  9. Paul Simon- Call Me Al
  10. Pulp- Common People
  11. Santana- Into The Night
  12. Talking Heads- Once In A Lifetime
  13. Suzanne Vega- Book Of Dreams
  14. The Waterboys- Fisherman’s Blues
  15. The 1975- Girls

These are just a few of the songs which help pull me out of a bad mood. There are so many more I wouldn’t be able to list them all.
I hope you enjoyed this post. Do you like any of the songs I included? What’s on your Feel Good Playlist?
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Ella, I totally listen to sad songs when I am sad and it is the worst! Or I'll listen to slow songs when I work out which does not help me at all! My hubby's always giving me a hard time for doing that hahaha! Loved your picks, so happy to see you back my gorgeous friend! XO -Kim

    1. I know it's such a bad habit! Aw thank you beautiful it feels good to be back, I'm glad you liked the playlist!

      Ella xx