7 Struggles Beauty Lovers Face

Hello lovely readers those of us who love beauty know that it's a great obsession. On the one hand you can have hours of fun trying to trying out new looks, the immense excitement when a new product comes out but on the other hand there are many struggles and these are just seven of them…

Being lured in by beautiful packaging
Sometimes a product's packaging is absolutely beautiful but may not always be worth the money you spent on it. Meaning you have an inferior product and a large hole in your bank account.
Money, money, money.
Why, oh why must makeup be so damn expensive? Sure, you can find lots bargain but all these products soon add up.  

Favourite products being discontinued
To quote Denise from PS I Love You “I hate cosmetics companies. They get you addicted to the perfect lipstick or nail polish and then, six months later, they discontinue it. You have to buy your favourite colours like you're storing up for the ApocalypseTruer words were never spoken!

Storage Problems
Over the years beauty addicts will purchase a crazy amount of makeup which opens up the problem of where to put it all as obviously it won’t fit into just one makeup bag. You also have to put up with a few judgemental or worried looks when people see your vast stash.

This is a problem anyone who wears makeup will face in their lifetime. A powder or eyeshadow breaks in your makeup bag, leaving you with not only the sorrow of the loss of one of your products but having to deal with the mess it left behind.

Following Trends
Sometimes a beauty trend comes along and the whole world jumps on board and many a beauty love will follow suit. However this trend does not compliment them in any way leaving them looking like a clown for the whole day.

Nail Polish
Ugh, nail polish how we have a love/ hate relationship with it. Yes it can make your nails look great and comes in so many beautiful  but it also smudges, chips and spills over your brand new white jumper. And why when the wind changes direction does it mess up on your fingernails but you could drop a bomb on your feet and it will survive on your toenails?

But lets face being a beauty lover is well worth the struggles. I hope you enjoyed this post, what struggles do you face as a beauty lover?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. This was such a great post! It's so true, I am a sucker for packaging and have bought many a ridiculous or unneeded product because of it. And I blame discontinuations for my hoarding problem. I'm always worried a tried and true product will be discontinued so I hoard like no one's business, which then goes into storage hahahah! I hope you are having a wonderful week my gorgeous friend! XO -Kim

    1. I know beautiful packaging is definitely one of my biggest weaknesses. I'm the same I hate falling in love with a product and not bulk buying because I know it will disappear eventually. Thanks for stopping by, hope you are well and having a great week my beautiful friend

      Ella xx