Inevitable Moments Of A Girls Night Out

Hello lovely readers, the weekend is here! Hooray! A momentous thing will be occurring tonight, my two best friends and I will actually be all going out together for the first time in forever (no that was not a Frozen reference). So in honour of this occasion I thought I would write a post about a girl's night out. These are the moments that will inevitably occur when going out for drinks with the girls.

Numerous Outfit Choices
One (or all) of you will bring along 3 or so outfits and will make the others judge each one like they are contestants in a beauty pageant. Just as one outfit has finally be decided on the lady in question will choose the first outfit she tried on in the first place.  

Inappropriate Questions At Pre Drinks
“Never have I ever” will (obviously) be played and although you all know everything there is to know about each other you’ll play the game just because you love to see each other squirm. If it’s someone’s birthday they will be picked on ruthlessly.  

Photos, Oh So Many Photos
In order to burn the night into your memory and to avoid any of the night being forgotten due to too much booze, every minute will be documented. The next morning you will have been tagged in 200 photos of the same pose of you and your mates all squished together. However the quality of the photos will decrease when the level of alcohol being consumed increases.

Declaration Of Love
Okay out of my group of friends I am the most guilty of this; grabbing hold of your friend, holding them tight and explaining just how much you love them. If a friend is absent they will be texted the love to make sure they don’t feel left out or forgotten.

Group Loo Trips
The one that baffles men but when one of us needs the loo that means we all do. The loos are not just, well, loos. They are the spot for touching up makeup or devising our evil genius plans.

Crazed Dancing
Yes we would like to think it’s sexy alluring dancing when in fact we look like kids who have had too much sugar.

Existentialist Crisis
Yes sadly this will happen at least once on a night out, someone will suddenly think of an ex (or worse see one) or suddenly hate their outfit and will need to have a little cry. Resulting in another group trip to the loo. Normally this doesn’t last for very long.

Your Song Will Come On
You will be at the bar trying to served when “your song” will come on meaning all of you will rush to the dance floor and sing (screech) along as loud as you can.

The Last Woman Standing
Everyone will want to leave but there will be one who is too busy dancing like a crazy (yes, it’s me again). Eventually you’ll get your friend to leave the club after much persuasion.

The Munchies
On the way home someone will get hungry meaning a late night hunt for the greasiest food you can find, then feeling sick after you’ve consumed it in two seconds flat.  

You’ve finally managed to make your way back to whoever's house you’re crashing at, the most sober might make some tea (obviously, we’re British) and you’ll have a quick discussion of the night's events (especially if something juicy happened) until finally you can’t fight sleep anymore. There will be a few more "I love yous" and goodnight cuddles before you finally crash.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what you’re up to this weekend. I hope you all have fun whatever you get up to.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. This was so hilarious because it is SO true! I am definitely the friend that declares their love for everyone as well! That is too funny, I loved this post Ella! I hope you had an amazing night out with your girls and have an awesome week my gorgeous friend! XO -Kim

    1. Haha thanks sweetie, well don't worry there's nothing wrong with sharing the love! Thank you I had a great night (and many of these moments happened) glad you enjoyed, have an amazing week my beautiful friend!

      Ella xx