When The Past Calls...

Today I’m going to chat with you lovely readers about when someone from your past tries to come back into your life. It’s a situation that most of us will deal with at least once in our lives.

First I guess I should tell you what prompted me to write about this subject. As you may or may not know I’ve been in a relationship with my lovely boyfriend Dan for just over a year and a half. About six months before Dan and I got together I was speaking to a guy who I was hoping I would start a relationship with. I have no idea why, he was a narcissistic arse with the personality of a goldfish bowl. But for some reason I was completely taken with him even though it was quite clear he was after only one thing (I’ll give you three guesses). After about three months of him stringing me along, making me feel worthless and just generally treating me terribly I cut communications with him. Three months later I entered into a relationship with Dan and I am now in a loving, healthy, happy relationship. Hooray!

Then a week or so ago I received a snapchat from, yes you guessed it, goldfish bowl guy. I have no idea how he found me on snapchat as I don’t have him on Facebook nor does he have me new phone number, weird right? I received three snapchats from him all of his pouting, yes, pouting face. The first picture had the caption “look who it is”, the second “r u going 2 ignore me as usual?” and the last one said “are you not going to say anything? :(“. After nearly two years of not speaking this guy believes he has the right to come back into my life. Ha ha how wrong he is. So I ignored all these attempts at communication and have blocked him from my snapchat.

When someone from your past tries to come back into your life always remember that it’s you who holds the cards, not them. It’s your life, your choice. If you have been missing this person and you had many good memories together and you want to make more than let them back into your life. But only do so if you are sure that it’s what you truly want and that you've both have changed enough to make a relationship of any kind (this situation is not limited to ex partners) work. If you notice similar patterns happening again make sure you will be able to distance yourself.

But if the person in question is someone who treated you with no respect and your memories of your time with them are predominately bad ones then don’t allow them back into your life. Allowing someone like that back into your life will potentially sabotage any progress you've made in fixing damage they caused.

I am a lot luckier than most who face this situation as in my situation there was no choice to be made, I had no interest or desire to let this person back into my life. It’s a chapter of my life that is firmly closed, I’ve moved on to a much better, happier one. The best advice I can give to those who are having a difficult deciding what to do in this situation is to do what is best for you, not necessarily what is easiest.

I hope you enjoyed this post and may help anyone who is going through this situation. Let me know what you thought of this post with a comment.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Ella, good for you for cutting that person out! I'm sure he finally pulled his head out and realized what an amazing girl you are, but it's much too late as you are with your boyfriend now who sounds like a keeper! You definitely deserve to be held on a pedestal! XO -Kim

    1. Aw thanks Kim! You're so lovely :) yeah I'm definitely better off without him in my life I'm so much happier now!

      Ella xx