Love/Hate Tag

Hello everyone, happy saturday!  I was tagged by the lovely Kim from The Thirty Something Life to do the Love/Hate Tag. If you haven’t checked out Kim’s blog all I can say is hop to it, she’s so funny and lovely I know you’ll enjoy. On to the Tag, it’s very simple: share 10 things you love, 10 things you hate, then tag 10 bloggers to do the same.


My Boyfriend: I know, I know I’m soppy but he’s my best friend, partner in crime and my number one supporter all in one as well as being an incredible person.
Travelling: I absolutely love travelling if you follow me on Pinterest you’ll see how big my World board is. If plans go to, well...plan, there will be some travelling in store for me soon. Watch this space.
Studio Ghibli Films: I adore these animated films they have such interesting characters and great stories.
Sarah & Alice:If you don’t know Sarah and Alice are my two best friends I’ve known since I was 13.
Animals: There are very few animals that I don’t like.
Music: There is nothing better than having your favourite song on full blast and signing along.
Musicals: Yes they are cheesy but that’s all part of their charm.
Museums: Going around museums is one of my favourite pastimes they are just so interesting.
Drawing: I love drawing it’s such a great way to relax.
Olives: Everyone I know hates them and I’ll never understand why they are amazing!


Unkind friends who get offended or act wronged when you cut them out of your life: If you want to be in someone's life treat them respectfully. Simple.
Hunting: There are many words I could use to describe hunters but they are all very rude.
Aubergine: I’ve tried but I cannot stand the taste of it.
Cheating: Seriously when did cheating become not only ok but hilarious? With all these jokes about “side chicks”, cheating on someone is a terrible betrayal, never funny.
Going to the doctors: Yes I know that they are there to help but it terrifies me.
The feel of tin foil: Ugh it’s horrible and makes me feel all funny.
Crocs: Who ever created these “shoes” needs to be sat down and given a stern word.
Bad quality clothing: You’ve just found the perfect jeans or tip then a few days later it has a massive hole in it. Sob.
Job applications: They are the bane of my life currently, why do I have to fill in an 86 questionnaire? Whyyy??
Remakes of classic films: They are classics for a reason people, leave them alone.

As most of the blogs I read have done this Tag I won’t be able to tag 10 bloggers but I nominate:

I really enjoyed doing this Tag, thank you for tagging me Kim. Like Kim, I could think of millions of things I love but found it really hard to think of 10 things I hate, which I think is great.

I hope you enjoyed this post, what things do you love and hate? If you’ve done this tag please leave a link I’d love to read them!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Ella, you beautiful woman, I LOVE that you put your boyfriend as a love, that is so cute! Also, musicals?! YES, YES and YES! I literally laughed out loud that you put crocs, they are hideous aren't they? I've heard several people say they are so comfortable, so I dare never try them on for fear I'll fall into the same thinking because they are AWFUL! This was such a great post, loved it! XO -Kim

    1. Aw I'm pleased you liked it Kim :) musicals are just amazing! I know my mum always claims that Crocs are acceptable because they are really comfy but I won't give in haha Thank you again for tagging me!

      Ella xx