How To Survive A Music Festival


Summer is finally here! Well the sun has been out for two days so for us in the UK that means it's summer. With summer comes many music festivals which are always so much fun but if you aren’t properly prepared can be quite a hassle. Here are my tips on how to survive a music festival and come back in one piece, they may seem obvious but you would be surprised how many of these people forget when they are having fun.

Wear Suncream!
Yes that phrase has just take back to your childhood and your mum constantly saying it to, but your mum was right! Hopefully it’s going to be sunny at your festival and if you have been burnt to a crisp you aren’t going to able to enjoy yourself and get your dance on.

Pack Light!
Ok so it’s tempting to pack all sort of amazing outfits, (if you need some inspiration on what to wear check out my festival fashion post) but you are going to pack light. When you arrive at a festival you are going to be walking a lot to find a place to put your tent down. You will regret having a massive heavy bag after 10 minutes!

Wear Sunglasses!
If you don’t want to have massive headaches throughout your festival wear some sunnies. Also don’t wear your expensive Ray Bans buy some cheap and cheerful ones as at a festival it’s very likely they will get lost or broken.

Drink Water!
Let’s face it the majority of us will be drinking alcohol at festivals which is completely fine but drinking lots of alcohol in the sun means your hangover will be awful. To avoid dehydration drink plenty of water you will be grateful you did when you wake up in your tent the next morning.

Prepare For Bad Weather
Come on guys, if your are headed to a UK festival rain is likely because you know, it’s the UK. So pack a mac, you can find them most shops for very little. Also bring a big jumper for the night time, yes it’s hot during the day but trust me at night, in a tent, it gets freezing.

Bring Snacks
I know this is hard when you are trying to pack light but unless you wish to take out a small fortune bring some food of your own. Food at festivals is ridiculously expensive (same with drinks) and the queues for the food are crazy, you don’t want to miss any of the acts waiting for food.

Keep Your Personal Belongings Safe
It’s a sad fact that a lot of thefts happen at music festivals, keep your valuables close to you using bum bags is the best way of doing this or use one of the festivals lockers but these are hard to get as so many people want to use them, plus they cost money.

So those are some of my tips on how to survive a music festival. Are you off to a music festival this year? What are your survival tips? I hope you enjoyed this post.

Thanks for reading!

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