Fashion Lust List #2 Summer Edition

So Monday has come around again all too soon, boo! But to cheer you up (and to to torture myself) I have been online window shopping. Is that a thing? It is now! Here is a selection of the beautiful things that caught my eye and made me shed a tear that I can’t purchase as I’m low on funds. Seriously, where does all my money go? As always I’ll leave links so you can check these items out for yourselves.


Black Dungarees £38- Yes I’m guilty,  I love me some dungaroos. I’ve been after some black ones for ages and these are perfect.
Dress £48- I love the print on this dress it would be perfect for chilling with friends in a beer garden.
Sandals £56- These are so cute! I love the tassels on them just adds to the cuteness.
Bag £25- I know, I know this bag is probably totally impractical but come on it’s milk carton shaped! It’s adorable!!  
Necklace £14- I’m massively into long necklaces and the colours on this one are simply beautiful.

New Look

Printed Trousers £19.99- I have always wanted a pair of printed trousers but never have seemed to gotten round to buying a pair, definitely getting these when I have some money.
Playsuit £22.99- I love playsuits, they are perfect for summer. The detail on this is beautiful and can dressed up or down,
Kimono £14.99- I’m a kimono girl all the way I have way too many but they are just the perfect cover ups.
Block Heel Sandals £12.99- These shoes will be great for summer nights out if you want your feet to stay cool.


Dress £7.99- I love the pattern on this dress and at £8 it’s a steal!
Top £7.99- This top is so cute! The watermelon print is great for summer.
Shorts £12.99- These shorts are so cute the pompom detail is adorable and they look like they won’t be so short that your bum is falling out.
Necklace £7.99- I’ve only just really gotten into statement necklaces I love how they can instantly dress up an outfit.
Flower Headband £9.99- I really like wearing flower headband during summer, yes maybe it’s a bit clich├ęd but I don’t care.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found some inspiration for your next shopping trip. What things are you wanting to buy for this summer?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I'm in love with that necklace from Topshop! I love all your Summer picks. I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award my beautiful friend!

  2. I know it's so pretty! Aw Kim you are too sweet and lovely thank you so much! I've left a link to my post on your blog, thank you again my friend!

    Ella xx

  3. You really picked so many pretty things!
    I want to buy as many floral headbands as possible, I have a thing for them this year! ♥

    1. Thank you! Really pleased you liked what I picked! I really need to stop buying floral headbands it's becoming a bit of an obsession!

      Ella xx