Thoughts On Finishing University


Well that’s it, my last exam is done. I am no longer a student of Canterbury Christ Church University. It’s been a crazy three years that has past in what feels like a blink of an eye. University has been a great experience, filled with both ups and downs. Though it may sound cheesy I’ve learnt so much at uni not just about my subject but about myself.

Before university I had no confidence in myself, I believed I could do absolutely nothing and was worthless. Going to university has completely changed that and now I have so much confidence. Not necessarily with other people, my social anxiety was at its worse in my final year and I still care too much about what others think. But I’m now confident about my abilities, I know now that I am talented and that I’m capable of doing well.  

It may sound like I’m blowing my own trumpet but uni has made me really proud of myself. Even though I really didn't enjoy the last half of uni I pushed myself through, even though I was in constant state of wanting to quit. I chose not to because I knew I owed it to myself to carry on and to do well.

My time at university also taught me about the sort of people I want in my life, to stop allowing people who I considered friends to treat me as if I was beneath them. Though it was painful I learnt to cut myself off from toxic people, though it caused a drama and lots of awkwardness I am so pleased I did. I learnt to stop putting other people before me and to focus on my own happiness. It may sound selfish but if you aren’t going to focus on your own life, your goals and dreams, who will?

Though university had its bad points it did have it’s fun times that I am grateful for and those experiences are worth the dramas, tears and thoughts of dropping out. This chapter of my life may be over now and I’m not necessarily sad about that but I know I’ll never forget it and the lesson it gave. Here’s to the next chapter and what it is going to bring.

I hope you enjoyed this post. have you recently finished university?

Thanks for reading!  

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  1. Ella, congrats! How exciting, good luck on the next stage of your life, I know it will be great! XO -Kim

    1. Aw thanks Kim, yeah I'm so excited for what the future holds :)

      Ella xx