Places I Want To Visit In England


Years ago I either read or heard someone say that before you travel the world you should first travel your own country. I thought that was a lovely idea, we often get so caught up planning to go to all these amazing places outside of our home (myself included) that we forget our homes are beautiful and have some amazing places to see. So with that in mind today I’m going to share with you five places I want to visit in England.

Cheddar Gorge, Somerset

This is one of the biggest gorges in Britain and oh my it’s absolutely beautiful! There are rocks to climb and caves to explore making it a really interesting place to visit and not just a gorgeous gorge (bad pun intended).


This is such an amazing looking city, I adore the buildings from pictures I have seen. As it is the setting for one of my favourite books Phillips Pullman’s The Northern Lights I’ve wanted to go for ages. Visiting the university is a must for me.


I’ve always wanted to see the Roman baths of this city. Bath looks like such an interesting and beautiful place to walk around.


People often can’t believe I haven’t been to Brighton, I can’t believe it myself to be honest. I’d love to walk along the pier in this quirky city, hopefully I will be going this summer!

Bodiam Castle, East Sussex

I love going around castles, I can’t count the amount of times I’ve been to Dover castle which is close to me. Bodiam castle has always been a place to visit as both the castle and it’s surroundings are absolutely stunning.

I hope you enjoyed this post, where do you want to visit in the country you live in?

Thanks for reading!

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