Love At First Sight Debate


Hello lovelies, I hope you are enjoying your extra day off, think of me while you’re enjoying the sun I’ll be indoors revising for my first exam tomorrow, eek! Today I wanted to share with you a subject that came up in conversation recently.

After a few drinks with my best friend Sarah last week, tipsy talk turned from how much we are dreading exams to the  idea of love at first sight. Love at first sight, that idea that you see a certain person, a thunder clap booms and bam! You’re in love. We see it in films, read in books, hear it in songs but does it really exist in the real world?

The subject provoked some very strong opinions from Sarah, (I give myself 10 points for taking her mind off exams for at least five minutes). Sarah put the idea of live at first sight as a silly fantasy people use for rushing into things: a relationship, a marriage or someone's bed. That it is an idea put into peoples’ heads which makes them feel bad for not experiencing it.

I have to admit to a certain extent I kind of agree with her. I fall into the camp of thought that love at first sight is a romantic idea but is not realistic and is probably mostly confused with lust at first sight. Which there is nothing wrong with.

The problem I have with love at first sight is that it is based in outside image. You can’t know what a person is like by one look. For all you know the person you’re staring  at could be a ruthless maniac or thinks that Crocs are acceptable footwear. We don’t fall in love with a person’s looks we fall in love with their personalities, which you cannot know after one look. Usually the thing we liked least about a person becomes one of the things we love most about them.

However. I do believe that one first sight you can get a feeling of someone, that this person is going to change your life in some way. For good or for bad. But this feeling is not love.

I hope you enjoyed this post, what are your thoughts on ;love at first sight?  Are Sarah and I too cynical?

Thanks for reading?

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