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Hello lovely readers, as I am no longer a student I’ve been catching up with all the Youtube videos I missed while studying for my exams. I saw that FashionRocksMySocks (who featured on my Favourite Youtubers post) uploaded a video called The His and Her Tag where she and her boyfriend answered questions about each other and their relationship.I loved it and wanted to do the tag in blog post form, so I recruited my boyfriend of nearly a year and a half, Dan and here are our answers. Dan’s responses are the ones in italics. Note: I changed the last question from the original as it asked to do an impression of one another.

What Is Your Favourite Thing To Do Together?
I love going to museums or to the theatre with Dan.
I really like going out for dinner with you.

A Habit You Like And A Habit You Dislike Of Your Partners
The fact that Dan gets up early is great as it makes me get my bum out of bed instead of lying around. A habit that I don’t like of Dan’s is when he leaves his shoes lying around, ugh!
I like how you plan every detail if we are going out like in London or something you’ll figure out all the train times and everything. I hate how much you worry about every little thing, relax woman!

Describe Your First Date
We were friends for nearly a year before we got together so we never had a date when we weren’t a couple.
But our first date as a couple was going to the cinema to see the second Hobbit movie.

When Did You First Realise You Wanted To Be In A Relationship?
After about 10 months of being friends.
*laughs* a long time before it actually happened, about two months after we met.

What Is Your Couple Song?
There are a load of songs that remind me of Dan or our relationship but I wouldn’t say we had a “couple song”.
No couple songs are cheesy.

What Is Your Opinion Of Your Partner’s Family?
I’ve only met his mum once and not for very long and I’ve never met the others so I couldn’t say.
I really like them , your brother is a bit loud though.

Describe Your Partner In Four Words
Intelligent, funny, geeky & supportive.
Beautiful, lovely, clever & perfect

How Do You Cheer Your Other Half Up?
Buy him a meal deal or just make him laugh by being silly together.
I normally just start tickling you, that seems to be quite effective. Or I let you watch Sex and the City.

What Effect Has Your Partner Had On Your Life?
Dan’s made me realise I can’t allow people to treat me like I’m worthless when I go the extra mile for them. There were certain people who aren't happy when I got together with Dan as it made me stop letting them walk all over me and focus on my own happiness.
You’ve made me a much happier person, it’s hard to put into words you just make everything better.

What’s Your Favourite Physical Feature Of Your Partner?
His eyes, they are such a gorgeous green.
It’s between your eyes and your hair.

I hope you enjoyed this post, a massive thank you to Dan for participating. Leave me a comment with your answers to some of these question I’d love to read them!

Thanks for reading!  

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