My Favourite Youtubers

I’ve seen a few posts floating around in the blogging world about favourite Youtubers so I thought today I would follow suit and share mine with you guys. I only got into watching Youtube for anything other music videos and movie trailers about a year ago after watching a few of CutiePieMarzia’s videos. She is the first Youtuber on my list.

Marzia is an Italian Youtuber living in the UK, she does fashion, makeup and lifestyle videos as well as creative DIYs and spooky short animations.She has such a sweet caring nature that makes her videos really feel good, a perfect pick me up if you have been feeling down. Plus she is totally gorgeous. Many of the Youtubers I now watch are one’s I discovered through Marzia’s videos.

The first Youtuber Marzia introduced me to. Jenn Im is a fashion blogger who also does beauty and lifestyle videos. She has such amazing style, I am definitely envious of her wardrobe, she makes anything she wears look awesome. Her videos are always really well made and lovely to watch.

Another Youtuber I discovered through Marzia is Madelynn. Madeylnn’s videos include fashion for the most part but with beauty and lifestyle thrown in. She is unbelievably sweet and I adore all the outfits she puts together.

Rhiannon is mainly a fashion Youtuber but does do a few beauty and lifestyle videos as well. Expect to see a lot of hauls, that girl really can shop!

Simon and Martina are a married couple from Canada living in Korea. They uploaded videos describing Korea, the food, the night life, the music and so on. They also upload loads of vlogs about their life in Korea. I love learning about other cultures and the couple are really funny and kooky, their videos are always fun to watch.

I definitely need to discover some new Youtubers so if you have any suggestions please leave a comment. I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Ohhh these type of posts are fun. Thanks for sharing. I haven't heard about any of them (I haven't been watching YouTubers for that long) but can't wait to check 'em out!

    XO Naomi in Wonderland

    1. Thank you I'm glad you enjoyed it! Yeah these Youtubers are definitely worth checking out especially CutiePieMarzia :)

      Ella xx